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Randy Moss Essay

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In 1998 the National Football League was introduced to someone special. One of the greatest wide receivers ever to play in the NFL, Randy Moss brings a whole new dimension to the game of football. Randy Moss has had unbelievable statistics in the sports he has played, but he also has had a troubled reputation, which is starting to change.Randy Moss was born on February 13,1977. He attended Dupont high school in Rand, West Virginia ("84 Randy Moss"). In high school he lettered three times in football and basketball and he lettered in baseball and track as well (1). In baseball, Randy attracted pro scouting which means major league teams would come to Randy's games and try and interest him in playing for their club. At Dupont, Randy was West Virginia's high school basketball player of the year and as a senior Moss was chosen as West Virginias high school football player of the year (1). Moss was a teammate and is a childhood friend of Sacramento Kings guard Jason Williams's (4).When Randy graduated Dupont he wanted to play division 1 football. He applied to Notre Dame, Florida, and Florida State, three of the top college programs in the nation (4). Randy ended up at Florida State, but he was a redshirt freshman, which means he was basically a practice squad player because under NCAA rules he was not eligible for games (1). So Randy transferred back home and attended Marshall University (1). Moss's college highlights must have made Florida State feel like fools for letting him leave. In his first season as a Thundering Herd Randy Moss was a first team All American and All Southern Conference team selection, not to mention he was the division 1 offensive player of the year (1). Randy was player of the week four times and he tied Jerry Rice's record of 28-touchdown receptions (1).Then came Randys second season at Marshall where he once again was an All American and All Conference player of the year once again (2). In 1997 his 2,178 yards receiving was third in the nation (1). Moss owns virtually every school, conference, and NCAA season and game receiving records (1). Randy's 53 touchdown receptions broke Mike Barber's record for 26 for touchdowns at Marshall (1). Moss ranks third in Marshall's receptions leaders at 174 and second with 3,529 yards in two short seasons (1). When the Heismann voting was over Randy finished fourth behind Tennessee's Peyton Manning, Michigan's Charles Woodson, and Washington State's Ryan Leaf (1). Had Randy not forgone his senior season and stayed at Marshall he would have surpassed the records he doesn't own at Marshall.Now the time came for Randy to forgo his senior year and enter the NFL Draft. Moss was expected to go in the top ten, but because of his troubled reputation teams expected him to be a player that underachieved with a bad attitude. Moss was passed over by more than half the teams in the league (AP 1). The Minnesota Vikings selected him in the first round with the 21st pick (1). The fact that the Vikings...

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