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Randy Pausch Essay

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Randy Pausch
“The last lecture” on Randy’s pausch speech included about his experience and what was his dream and advice for new generation, his family and for all the people to be a better person and achieve their goals. As a public speaker I evaluated his speech different ways. On his speech there are three things that I have focused on it. These are his eye contact, voice, gestures, and repetition phrase to keep audience.
The first think am going to talk is about his eye contact. Eye contact is the most important for public speaker and helps to connect with our listeners, improve the pacing of our presentations, read our listeners’ responses. Thus, randy used all of those things. For example while he was speaking about his dream he had a good eye contact with his audience this which showed that how he connects with his listener. Due to that there were an audience concentrated to his idea and listen what he ...view middle of the document...

no disagreement or dislike at all on his speech. He was the most experience person for giving speech for audience. Even he knew how to carefully pronounce and articulate words especially if you remember when he was speaking about “helping others “he remembered about his lecture and he was imitating how the lecture said to him and it exactly visualize it to me I could see what person the lecture was and also I could feel that his words and pronunciation helped him to visualized it and make it clear for audience. And he used it a lot in his speech many times how to keep the audience by using voice rate and volume.
The third on I want to talk about is gestures. He showed his hands to show younger and little person when he was talking about his father conversation with him, when he was young. He used a lot of gestures on his speech. I saw that he had natural gestures. For example, his speech about his university life, he was talking seriously about his situation by the time he was talking he was using gesture that is natural gift that he had. I mean I can say a lot about his gestures on the” last lecture speech”. Because, most of them are that he had it naturally.
The fourth and the last one is the words that he used for reputational. He used reputational, when he talked about the campus life and about children he said that” can I do this to make ….. Can I do this to avoid …..” those words are the most important and beneficial to keep the audience with you and helped the audience to evaluate the message.
Finally, I haven’t ever heard of any speech like Randy’s speech. It is very interesting and educated. We learn from it how to handle life; we learn from it how to settle our life. It helps us to think about our destiny. It is not just for public speaking class how to learn to be a good speaker; it is also the matter of knowing who we are. Randy is the most famous and popular person in the world due to his excellent job when he was alive. Thus, we learn from doing a good thing is helpful for us for everlasting even though we passed away. That means people still remembered us by our good willings.

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