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Choice Of Keep Or Eraseing A Baby's Exsistance And The Moral Delimea That Deals With Afterward.

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As she peered into the mirrorHer face looked pale and drawnAll her youthful radianceSeemed foreever goneShe felt no joy inside her heartHer peace had gone awayReplaced with only fear and dreadOf what she faced todayIt was only eight short weeksSince she turned seight teenShe had been so full of lifeShe was the girl on the sceneShe had felt so much in loveShe'd hoped that very soonthat he would feel it toAnd she'd be a bride by juneThen one day the doctor calledThere was a baby on the wayAnd when she told her boyfriendHe packed and moved awayHe didn't want a babySo he told her what to doShe must abort the babyOr the two of them were throughThough he'd said he loved herThe day she'd given inShe had known her choice was wrongIt was nothing more than sinShe had turned her back on GodAnd set her faith asideNow her life was such a messShe wished that she could hideNow once again she'd given inThe pressure was too greatSo she had called the clinicTo set the fateful dateStaring at this looking glassShe'd never felt so sadBut soon this would be overAnd he no longer would be madThe time had come for her to goShe got into her carShe drove slowly to the clinicIt wasn't very farThe day was dark and gloomyThere fell a misty rainThe weather seemed to understandAs if it felt her painAs she pulled into the parking lotHer mind began to swirlAs she wondered if her babyWas a little boy or girlShe felt a tug inside her heartAs she stepped inside the doorNo one saw the teardropAs it splattered on the floorShe signed in at...

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