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By reading Persuasion by Jane Austen we can understand the importance that land, rank in society, and the way women were viewed in Britain, influenced many people those of which included Jane Austen. Her writing was influenced by everything that was going on during the time that she was alive. Was land so important to them that they would give up their well being just to say they owned it? Were people constantly being criticized and put down due to the thought process that someone's rank was not good enough? Did women hold any position of power in society or were they expected to “good wives” by staying at home and cleaning? Oddly enough, these questions could be asked about our society now ...view middle of the document...

Lady Russell was the kind of person to care about such things. She appreciated those who were born into a wealthy family, those who were born with a highly regarded name (Austen, Persuasion.2.12). People also cared about how they were viewed. It was concluded that by moving Sir Walter to the town of Bath he would still be held on a higher pedestal compared to if he moved to London (Austen, Persuasion.2.17). The way this is worded in the the novel presents Bath as an inexpensive, poor town. That being said one would be able to see why Sir Walter would still be considered important, as he would still be wealthier than the other residents of Bath. The name a person carries also plays a significant role in how a person is viewed. Depending on what ones name is, one might be constantly watched and judged by their peers (Austen, Persuasion.3.21). The prefix that someone has can go along way. For example, “Admiral” and “Sir” are held in higher regards compared to being a “Mr” (Austen, Persuasion.3.29). According to Friedrich Engels, those who are not born into wealth will have to work for the rest of their lives (Arnstein, 1993. pp162). However, one might become rich even if they were not born wealthy (Austen, Persuasion.1.8). The novel seems to portray people as shallow. As stated by Benjamin Disraeli, in The Maintenance of Empire, people do not care about the important things that actually make a country great, they care about the superficial things such as money (Arnstein, 1993. pp272).
Women are held at different standards. They are expected to conform to how society...

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