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Ranking Of Tunisian Scientists According To Their Efficient Productivity

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Ranking of Tunisian Scientists according to their efficient productivityHoucemeddine Turkia, Manel Turkiba B.Sc. Student, Faculty of Medicine of Sfax, University of Sfax, Sfax, Tunisiab Ph.D., D.Pharm and AsP. Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Monastir, Monastir, TunisiaIntroduction:Ranking Scientists had been a huge purpose in order to guess who is the best in a country.1 However, in several important fields like Economic Sciences and even in general context, the Ranking of Potential Scientist is limited to developed countries like France, Germany, United States and Netherlands2. For example, the Rankings of Van Ours is made in particular for Dutch Economists3 4. So, there are no national rankings for scientists in developing countries and even in some developed countries3 and that affected a lot the ranking of developing countries in international classifications5. In fact, the ranking of Tunisia in IDEAS ranking had been 101st in 2012 and had worsened to be 118th in 20145 6 and the ranking of Tunisia in SCImago Ranking had been 86th in 20145 according to its number of citations5. In contrast, the number of publications of Tunisia in Scimago Ranking is quite the same as the one of some developed European countries like Cyprus and Austria5.So, a ranking for Potential Scientists in Tunisia is required in order to better the standings of Tunisia. Therefore, how such rankings would be done? And who is the best scientist in Tunisia? What is the state of Scientific Research in Tunisia? And which procedures should be taken in order to solve the matter of making Rankings for Scientific Researchers and Scholars in Tunisia?Methodology:The lifelong potential of a scientist could be measured only by the precise study of the Efficient Productivity of the same working scientist and according to Harzing 2013 Paper and Hirsch 2005 Paper, this is not possible unless we use the Hirsch index as a metric criterion of the Ranking7 8. As for the names of the scientists, as we do not have a complete list of scientists in Tunisia, we will gather Tunisian Surnames from Scopus Websites, the Research Gate, the Phone Directory, Microsoft Academic Search, LinkedIn and the Google Scholar6 9 10 as well as from Conferences held in Tunisia of some organizations like IEEE and the FIP and some nominations from some Tunisian Consulted Working Scientists and we will later test each of them in Google Scholar My Citation Search Toolbar as it is the fastest and the most precise tool to search scientists in Internet11 because from a theoretical side, it gives the list of scientists in a few seconds as it uses the Google Database directly while Harzing PoP4 uses the same database through an Internet Server and even the software should do limited queries so that the IP address would not be blocked and the output would not exceed a list of 1000 papers that are the property of 100 scholar in maximum7. The other benefit of using Google Scholar is that this interface divides the articles...

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