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Hip Hop History Essay

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Jonathan RodriguezNc music technologyCity CollegeCity campusUA1 How music inter acts with society, government, business and industry"It's a hip hop thing"IntroductionWe have all heard of "hip Hop" but,.. do we know what it is ?Now days hip hop is one of the biggest and most heard genresworld wide. Many people have heard of it but not many knowwhere it came from and what influenced this type of music.For this assignment I will research the origins of hip hop cultureits history and it's roots. I will also look at how it has been influenced byculture society and politics, and how it has influenced these in return."In the beginning"It all started in the borough of South Bronx (New York ) around the early 1970's,where a DJ known as Kool Herk (Clive Campbell) started experimentingwith two turn tables, an idea that he borrowed from the down town discoclubs, he came up with a new technique that he called the "merry go round",which consisted in only playing the break beats of a record ,extending themindefinitely creating a continuous dance rhythm, This became the blue print ofhip hop music .Why play only the instrumental breaks?, Well, its simple, Kool Herk noticedthat the energy on the dance floor reached its maximum during the

instrumental breaks on arecord.What made Kool Werk sounique was that insteadOf playing disco, He playedFunk music. music that wasNot heard on radio.The break beats had so muchRhythm that a new danceCame around, it was calledb-boying that meant breakboy which would later beknown as break dance .Kool Herk's ways of mixing would inspire many young people and DJ's Of his time ,one of them became his biggest rival, he was know as Afrika Bambaataa. the rivalry between this two helped generate a cultural identity called "hip hop".In the 70's Black radio played a big role in the afro American community by being a musical and cultural preserver . but the black radio changed and wanted to appeal to a more larger audience and rarely spoke so that a black person could relate to it,the radio started playing disco music, something that the black community reacted to .Poverty, unemployment and the worst levels of violence swept the Bronx streetsin the 1970's, and I think disco music was the last thing they wanted to hear.That's when DJ's like Kool Herk and Afrika Bambaataa and many more played a bigRole in the Afro-American community social and cultural life, young people who were unemployed and had nothing to do instead of going to cause trouble went to community parties were the good music was played, artist like James Brown, Sly and Family Stone, Last Poets and Gil Scott Heron found a home in the underground parties, Under...

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807 words - 4 pages Cited Baker, Soren. Introduction. "The history of rap & hip-hop". Farmington Hills, MI: Lucent Books, 2006. 11. Barragan, Ricardo. Telephone Interview. 23 March 2014 Cabedo-Mas, Alberto, and Maravillas Díaz-Gómez. "Positive Musical Experiences In Education: Music As A Social Praxis." Music Education Research 15.4 (2013): 455-470. Education Research Complete. Web. 7 Apr. 2014. Cristiles.Dre’B.Gully, Young. "Yes You Can".2012. Lyric, n.d. Youtube. Pond, Donald. "The Young Child’s Playful World of Sound." Music Educators Journal 100.3 (2014): 45-48. Education Research Complete. Web. 6 Apr. 2014.

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