Rap Music Vs Youth Essay

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Rap Music vs. Youth Culture
The term ‘pop culture’ refers to the ideas, style, and images that are popular and familiar in today’s society. Different things such as clothing, cars, music, technology and decorative accessories are considered pop culture. All of these things have changed throughout the decades. Guys now like to drive big trucks and sports cars and wear pants that look as if they are about to fall of. Girls are obsessed with being thin and need to have to latest style of clothing whether it be UGG boots or baggy sweaters. Besides for all of these, music is one of the biggest things in pop culture. Music is what influences the youth in a drastic way whether it be rock music or rap music.
Throughout history music has drastically changed from style to sound. As the years go on, many people would claim that the music industry in today’s society is nothing what is was like decades ago. By turning on the radio it clear that many artist have their own style. Years ago, artists like like the Beatles or the Eagles would be on the radio. As the generation grows, so does the music. Now a days, if one turns on the radio, they are most likely to hear pop or rap music. Some stations still do play alternative and rock music but very few. The biggest radio stations play what the youth want to hear which is rap music.
Rap music is one of the most popular scenes in pop culture today. Just by asking anyone, any age, they would be able to name at least one rap artist. Its a genre that has consumed the youth and even some of the adults. Since the internet, radios, and the television make it so easy to have access to this music, one might catch a 4 year old singing to songs of a popular song or even an 80 year old singing that same song. Rap music is a style that is very catchy and sometimes the lyrics are overlooked by the tune of the song. Many rap artists sing about different things from growing up in the “hood” to drugs, money, and gangs. Some rap for a cause such as gay rights, pushing through tough times and even love. All of these things that they rap about put out certain images that the youth today believe relates to them. This paper will discuss that although there are some positive influences that come from this genre of music, many songs negatively affect the youth culture in various ways such as the use of drugs, the increase in violence, and glamorizing the “thug” life.
Many artists use their style of music to draw in the youth culture by talking about three certain things: sex drugs and money. Starting off with the use of drugs in songs, one famous song includes a line “Popped a molly, I’m sweating?” This is one example of a famous song lyric that negatively affects the youth. It glamorizes the use of drugs by making it seem like it is okay do pop a molly. This song and many other songs performed by these type of artists, produce songs that contain these sort of lyrics. Another artist, Kanye West has plenty of songs that refer to the...

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