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What Is A Rape Crisis Center?

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What Is a Rape Crisis Center
Rape Crisis Centers are around to provide comprehensive services to victims of sexual assault and their families, and to conduct sexual assault prevention and education programs for everyone (About, n.d.).
Rape crisis centers come into play around the early 1970s. The rape crisis movement as well as the feminist movement played a large role on the rape crisis center coming into play. These centers have helped so many people since they have opened before they were open husbands were able to sexual assault their wives with no consequences. These rape centers started off as volunteer groups to help people in need. They still are helping people in need but all workers are not consider volunteers any longer.
Organizational Structural
Since rape crisis centers are owned by different people and are non-profit there is no overall organizational structural. The most common organizations structural has an executive director who is the overall boss and runs everything. They are important because they make sure everything runs smoothly and have the final say so in everything that happens at the center. If the center is larger enough they may have an assistant executive director which assists the executive director with whatever they need help with but most centers do not have one. Most center have a coordinator of staff which is important because they coordinate the staff they need to run the center. They coordinate all trainings the staff need and make sure they are certified in any area that they need to be certified in. There is also a coordinator of volunteers which does the same thing as the coordinator or staff just for volunteers. A lot of centers have and legal advocate. This person provide assistance in any legal area a victim may need help in. For example if a victim does not know their legal rights they will explain it to them and also help them with any court proceedings. Some agency have medical advocates which will do the rape kits for victims and in some cases medical advocates will educate the victims on some medical aspects that are related to rapes and sexual assaults. These individuals are the main people in the organizational structural that help make the rape crisis centers run. But all in all every center is different so every organizational structural varies from each center.
Management’s Responsibility
Management responsibility is to make sure all of the services are provided, manage staff, provide adequate security, and obtain the budget/funds. All of management’s responsibilities are equally important. It is important to make sure all services are provided because the victims need to be able to benefit from the crisis center otherwise there is no need for the center. The management also needs to manage the staff so they can make sure the center is running properly and in an organizational manner. They also need to provide adequate security so the clients can be safe as well as feel...

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