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Rape Essay

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Many teenagers engage in sexual activities. Teenagers also drink and do drugs. When most teenagers go to college they go to parties, and there is drinking and sex everywhere. Sometimes at the parties there is non-consensual sex. Non-consensual sex is a horrible thing that happens to a lot of females, and sometimes men. Non-consensual sex is the same thing as rape. Getting raped is a traumatic even that causes a great deal of stress in many ways, and is also hard to convict the rapist.
     To help understand what happens to victims and how they feel; here are the results of a survey done in 1985 and 1993. It was found that 73% of rape victims say that they were not raped. There is a lot of self-blame involved in rape. Many victims blame themselves for what happened to them. One out of 4 women have been rape victims and 84% knew their attacker. While 42% did not tell anyone of the account of rape that happened to them, only 5% of the victims actually take the incidence to the police or some kind of administration. Informing the police is very important.
When the victim reports the incident to the police there is a long process that follows to convict the rapist. For date rape, which may be a result of teenage drinking or drug use at parties, there is a low percentage rate of the rapist going to jail because society does not understand that no means no. Because of this it is very hard for victims to get justice. For example, there was a girl in West Chester that got raped and the District Attorney had a good case. She had a nurse who saw how the victim’s vagina was torn. Unfortunately, the jury found him not guilty. When the D.A. asked the jury why they found him not guilty they replied, “She went up there”. All cases do not work out like this one did. There are many cases were the rapist was prosecuted and put in jail.
Also, to make it easier to receive justice certain steps should be followed. The first thing the victim should do is go to the hospital. At the hospital they will make sure she has been raped and if she was drugged with any date rape drug. After visiting the hospital the victim should go report the incident to...

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