Rape...Does The Victim Deserve It Or Not?

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The causes and reasons for rape are unknown. I can try to explore some of the impulses and conditions which lead men to rape, but the study of the victims isn't really disclosed with proper statistics, because of many silent victims. Men as well as women get raped, but it's more women who become a victim. A rapist unfortunately, is most likely to be a friend of the family or even a relative. It's tragic for anyone to have to suffer with this end result. The problem of violence against women needs to be frankly and steadily handled by authorities in measures to protect women and their rights more.The perpetrator could be a mentally ill person that just can't be helped, but a sick person who commits this crime should have capital punishment to the fullest. A planned out crime or mental health issue; it's a felony. It must be seen as an issue which affects all women. Rape is not just a women's problem it could be something to affect a child in the aftermath. Some victim's of rape, do end up pregnant, it's up to them then whether to abort or not. Really, it's not the child's fault, and all life and creations of God need a chance at life, but it's a life long burden to live with.Many issues that keep women silent are interrogation in a court room, and fear of losing the battle mentally, emotionally, and physically. The prosecutor, will take many steps and measures to place the fault on the woman, by asking personal questions to oppose actual reasons and incident. Ways of being dressed the alleged night, can even hurt the plaintiff, especially if it had happened at a party, or some kind of social gathering."A girl who lets herself get dead drunk at a fraternity party is an idiot." (Paglia, 617). To some people, yes, it is true, but to some it's a horrid thing for her to have gone through the vicious attack. In all honesty, it's almost safe to say unfortunately, it could have been avoided, and the guy hasn't any blame for the raging hormones he may have incurred towards the gal while dancing, or throwing herself at him. Men need to prove their manhood, and gain a "title" of "you da' man" type pact. It's all a hormonal imbalance, and urge to relieve their sexual desire, and if they feel they had the green light,...

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