Rape In India: Victim Blaming Must Stop!

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“Do not tell me how to dress, tell them not to rape.”- One of the slogans of anti-rape protest in India. It was made so that the blind society can realize it is men who are the rapist. It is men for whom women are suffering social restriction by the name of protection. From the ancient time, the access of women in various facilities of life has been restricted because, people think that the more women go out the more rape will happen. As women need protection, they have to be in house and lead their life with highly restricted rules. however, The fact is restriction could not protect them from being sexually harassed or brutally raped. Going out alone without veiling and staying at home cannot prevent rape because rape can happen even if a women go out with any known person, use veiling or stay at home.
Firstly, women’s moving alone openly can not prevent rape because most of the time the rapist is known to victim and usually rape happens at private places. At that case, close relatives and even neighbours are responsible for rape. In many rape case it is reported that the victim is raped in her own house by a person which is known to her. In An article from “NY times” discusses about the fact that, “According to a 2009 study of 11 European countries co-authored by Ms. Kelly, one of the rare international comparisons so far undertaken, 61 percent of rapes took place in a private space, most frequently the home of the victim or perpetrator. Two-thirds of suspects were known to the victim, and 25 percent were current or former partners.” ( Bennhold). It proves that most of the rape happens at home or any private places and caused by any known person of the victim. Yet some readers may challenge my view that for own security women should not stay outside alone as they should be aware of rape. However, the important fact is a woman is not secured all the time if she stay with anyone else or protected by others all the time wherever she goes as she is being raped in her own household.Where a women is not safe with any person that she is well familiar with, other restriction can do nothing to stop humiliation. Moreover, the problem is within the society, not women’s behavior or their dresses.
Secondly, dress restriction is another misperception about rape against women. Lots of people support the idea that provoking dress is responsible for increasing rate of rape. The way women dresses motivate men to be sexually aroused. Actually, dresses does not necessarily responsible for encouraging rape, because quite a good number of girls who are maintaining proper dress code has been raped in many areas. Some can argue with the fact that women should not dress in a way that encourage other person to rape,on the other hand, sexual arousal mostly depends on situation and environment, not on other’s dressing. From the Online jurimetrics journal it is discussed as, “The debate over sexual motivation and rape concerns how the world is; it does not imply anything...

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