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Rape In The U.S Essay

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Forty-two percent of rape victims in the U.S are under the age of eighteen. Society puts out helpful tips in commercials, advertisements and websites with twenty-four seven hotlines, but still that is not powerful enough to actually stop the tragedies from happening constantly. Dates back to B.C times, rape was looked at as property damage for underage girls ,and women were labeled as adulteresses and thrown in the river as punishment. Even today in present time people do not receive prison time for sexual assault alone unless something else occurred such as murder. Rape needs to be taken more seriously and this issue needs to have more attention and time put into it.

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A doctor stated in 1913 that rape isn’t an easy crime to commit, all women have to do is cross their knees to prevent penetration. Men often blamed and still continue to blame the women for being sexually assaulted based on how close they would keep their knees close together. “You cannot thread a moving needle.” -Dr. Lawson Tait. He believes that if a woman is struggling there in no possible way of the man to actually rape her unless the woman is at least bit cooperative.

Today in present time, people understand more that rape is a crime and being raped or sexually assaulted in any way can leave a person damaged not just physically but emotionally and spiritually, which is something more serious than physical injuries. These effects can cause drug and/or alcohol abuse, post traumatic stress disorder, severe anxiety, depression, trust issues, etc. Survivors of sexual assaults show that after the incident occurred they would have unexplained crying, loss of interest, weight loss/gain, suicidal thoughts/tries due to the fact that often times they blamed themselves for “allowing” the crime to happen. Survivors usually change than the person they were before by a little if not completely because sixty percent of survivors are assaulted by an intimate partner, friend, relative, or acquaintance.

Even if in today’s time a black man can have sexual intercourse with a white woman and not be automatically accused of rape, people still aren’t taking the crime as seriously as it needs to be. Even if it still counts as rape when the woman’s rapist is her husband, people have the privilege to walk out of jail within a couple of weeks after they just raped and completely changed an innocent person....

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