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Rape And Extending The Sentence For Rape

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Rape is a crime that is committed when someone is forced to have sexual intercourse through physical force or duress. “683,000 rapes occur every year” (CVS) and the national average for people accused of rape is eight years in a federal prison. Rape is a serious crime as well as other crimes but rape is considered to be a more serious and heinous crime along with murder etc. There are also different phases of rape that the victim may go through depending on how they handle it. Eight years in prison is not a good amount of time for someone to serve for what they did, all of the things that involve the process of rape should be incorporated into the sentence: force, against someone’s will, and most importantly the physical and emotional trauma that comes along with it that only the victim has to deal with. When someone is raped the person who raped them should receive the amount of years in jail as long as it takes the victim to get over the rape meaning that the court system should allow the victim to decide the criminal’s sentencing based off of if the victim feels safe or not when the attacker is let out of prison. Victims also go through five different stages and those stages can/will have a huge effect on a person’s mental health and they may be considered unstable after the attack. The national average for years served for rape should not be just 8; it should be raised higher on the victim’s behalf.
There are a large amount of symptoms that come from rape, some may have a change in personality and friends and other may choose to drop out of school. Rape can have an effect on people that can harm them for life and for some victims in order for them to get over an attack is if they know that their attacker is incarcerated and will never be able to hurt them or anyone else again. “31% of rape victims develop PTSD after an attack” (Dean G. Kilpatrick). Victims can develop PTSD by constantly thinking about the rape or family and friends bringing the memories back to them by constantly reminding them that what they went through will be ok and there is nothing they can do but move forward. Factors such as PTSD should be factored into the criminal’s sentence; it is not only about the crime they committed but the aftermath of the rape in the victim’s perspective.
I recently interviewed my grandmother on the topic of my paper and she agreed with the fact the national average should be raised higher because she is a woman she understand women’s morals and how rape can affect a woman. She believes that the sentence should be life, the national average should go up but not to life because you have to factor in all the things that come along with rape and how the victim recovers and feels.
“The five stages of rape can break a person down to his/her lowest point” (L.Berman). The first stage of rape is the denial process, this is when they victim tries to downplay the situation or say “it was not that bad”. Some victims that are...

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