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Raphael And Giovanni Art Renaissance Paper College/Renaissance History Essay

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Raphael’s and Giovanni’s Madonna
The renaissance period brought some of the worlds most artistic painters, sculptors, and architects. The paintings during the renaissance period were mostly based on saints, gods, and other religious icons. Among the paintings during that time, Madonna and child were the most renowned. Madonna and child were depicted by countless painters and sculptors but the most famous were Giovanni Bellini and Raffaello Sanzio. Although they each depicted Madonna and Child differently their concepts were similar.
The Madonna and Child were created from both aspects of these artists to depict how Mary and Christ might have looked like when they were alive. The artworks are meant to make us wonder how exactly would they have looked if we were alive in their era. Religious paintings were very popular during the renaissance because it was at a point of timewhere radical thought began to flourish. Giovanni saw Christ and Mary as heavenly figures who should be dressed in the most beautiful of materials to properly portray them as divine beings. But to a painter like Raphael, he wanted to portray Christ and Mary as normal human beings like the rest of us to justify that they are not just divine beings.
The meaning behind The Madonna and Child at that time was to give visual context to what Christ and Mary’s relationship as child and parent was. The works had to give us an idea of how they looked like, how they felt, and why their relationship was so intertwined until Christ’s death. Artists had to portray the humanistic and divine aspects of these two in their artwork. The meaning behind these painting lies in the actual painting itself, what does it portray and what does the artist wants you to see from Christ and his mother. Are they human beings who loved each other deeply just like the relationship between your mother and yourself or are they just divine beings who care for each other because they have always been portrayed that way?
Giovanni’s representation of Branchini Madonna gives us insight to the divine and almost “royal” view of Mary and Christ. She is cloaked in her original blue robe with gold jewelry while infant Jesus is placed on the right side of her lap in the painting. His use of colors gives us a good contrast to the background of Madonna. When we look at the background of this image we see a a solid gold arch surrounding Mary and Jesus with hints of dark blue in the outer top edges. He uses most of the canvas space with the bodies of Mary and Christ to really emphasize their importance as the subject matter.
The look on Mary’s face is very somber appearing as though no emotion is running through her as she holds infant Christ. Mary holds the right foot of Christ and cradles the side of his infant body. Christ then looks to his mother with a look of awe in sight of her dressed with the gold jewelry hanging in front of her torso. Christ is also cloaked in a white cloth and a golden skirt representing that he is...

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