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Raps Extremely Powerful Influence Essay

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Raps Extremely Powerful Influence
Rap music has been a part of this world since the 1960’s, and it has gone through hundreds of different stages in its time. However, the number one thing that people think of when they hear rap music is crime, violence, alcohol, drugs and other negative influences. Despite these common beliefes on what rap music is about, it can be an extremely positive influence. Educating the youth and community about the bad things happening around us and how they’re affecting people. It can also be used to give people ideas on how they can help better these negative happenings. Generally rap music, whether you believe it is negative or positive, can be agreed that it is one thing by all people, and that is, influential. People all around the world are influenced by music, but gangster rap has its own type of influence. “In 1992, former vice-president, Dan Quayle, (R) called for Interscope to stop selling Tupac Shakur's album entitled 2pacalypse Now because it had been linked to a murder in Texas. Nineteen-year-old Ronald Howard said that after listening to cassettes of rap music, including music by Shakur, he was influenced to kill a policeman. A Texas jury rejected that reasoning and sentenced Howard to death in June 1993.” This proves that rap has an influence on people that can drastically affect how they think and act. This also shows that rap is generally considered a bad influence, but because of its extremely powerful effect on people, it can also be used for good purposes. Additionally, “A July 1995 New York Times poll revealed that Americans blame popular culture, especially television, for the high levels of teenage violence. Twenty-one percent of respondents voluntarily named television more than any other factor when asked what is to blame for violence among teenagers.” Studies show that the youth is mostly influenced by the media and television around us, considering the easy access they have to these things that promote negative rap songs, it is easy to see how they could be influenced into things promoted by this music such as crime, drugs etc… This also shows how many people believe that it is one of the leading causes of violence in teenagers. Rap music is easily accessible by the means of television, newspapers and other media these days, and because of the high percentage of negative rap music, it shows how influenced people are by this.
Another major issue with the influence in rap isn’t the rap music itself, but the lyrics associated with the music. For example, "Time Warner should stop its sponsorship and promotion of lyrics that celebrate rape, torture and murder....Our appeal is to a sense of corporate responsibility and simple decency." This shows that, lyrics in these mass produced albums and records of rap music are the main purpose for this bad influence on people who listen to rap music. This also shows that, the themes commonly used in rap music are vulgar and unappealing but people could and...

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