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Rapunzel, Rapunzel Essay

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Once upon a time, there was a beautiful young maiden with long, golden hair who was locked up in a tower. One day a handsome prince found her, and he fell in love with her and carried her away to his castle where they lived happily ever after. Or did they? The fairytale you’ve heard isn’t the one I’m telling. No, I’m afraid that the trials of our dear little Rapunzel (whose name wasn't actually Rapunzel) didn’t end there. But in order to get there, we should really start from the beginning, because that’s where the storytellers all went wrong, long ago and far away...
Once upon a time, there was a king and a queen. They hadn’t been king and queen for very long, at this point. They were very happy together, ruling over a small but wonderful and peaceful kingdom. Well, they would’ve been happy no matter how big or small or even real their kingdom was, because they had each other, and that was enough for them. But everyone has their weaknesses, even a happy royal couple.
And, unfortunately, an evil witch knew what the king’s weakness was. The witch – who was not at all wrinkled and ugly, just for the record – disguised herself as a maid in the castle and poisoned the queen’s food. Oh, not to kill her. If she’d done that, there’d be no story to tell. No, the poison the witch gave the queen wasn’t exactly something you could call a poison, unless you realized exactly how it would poison the kingdom. It was something more like a beauty potion, really. It made the queen grow more and more beautiful every day. So beautiful that the king could hardly take his eyes off of her, and began neglecting his royal duties to spend time with her. It wasn’t so much that he neglected them, though, that was bad. It was that, when anyone reminded him of his duties, even the queen herself, he simply ignored them, saying he’d get around to it later.
This was what began the unrest amongst the citizens of the kingdom, and that was what began their revolt against the king and his fair queen. Eventually, they all got together and openly defied the king, who suddenly realized what his actions had done. But it was too late. The mob of angry citizens chased them out, along with any of those that were still loyal to them. The king himself, though I suppose he wasn’t really a king...

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