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Bloodshed, tears, and chaos; this is the price of love in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. When people are in love, they perform rash actions which end in chaos. One of the main characters in the play, Romeo, falls in love with a beautiful girl named Juliet, who is a member of a rival family. Throughout the tragedy, lust proves to be a greater factor than true love. Lust causes Romeo’s love for Rosaline to quickly move on to Juliet. In addition, the deep anger that Romeo feels after witnessing the death of his good friend, Mercutio, leads to the thought of revenge and slaying of Tybalt, the murderer. Lastly, upon hearing the death of Juliet, Romeo quickly rushes towards Verona to kill himself. The rash actions Romeo takes throughout the play contribute to the chaos that ultimately ends in the death of the two star-crossed lovers.
The quick change from Rosaline, a girl who Romeo previously loved, to Juliet, sparks the demise of Romeo. Rosaline is replaced by Juliet as soon as he lays his eyes upon her at Capulet’s party. When Romeo expresses his love for Juliet to the friar, even he responds with, “Holy Saint Francis, what a change is here! Is Rosaline, that thou didst love so dear/So soon forsaken?” (2.3.69-71). The sudden declaration of his love for Juliet, the daughter of the opposing family, throws Friar Lawrence off guard at first. The friar asks about Rosaline because he knows that Romeo loved her so much, at least according to him, less than a day ago. The sudden and rash action of falling in love with a Capulet leads to chaos and hardships for both characters. Romeo’s unexpected and bold declaration of his love for Juliet to the friar foreshadows the upcoming struggles that both Romeo and Juliet will face and also their untimely deaths. Romeo’s impulsive love for Juliet’s beauty causes a chain reaction of anger, shame, and a seemingly chaotic death.
Falling in love with Juliet indirectly brings about the death of Mercutio. Unable to suppress the anger caused by Mercutio’s casualty, Romeo avenges his death by killing Tybalt without a moment of hesitation. Romeo chases after...

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