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Rasputin and Russian History Rasputin had such an influence over the Tsar and Tsaritsa because the
Tsarevich suffered from haemophilia. The only person who seemed able
of helping him whilst in pain was Rasputin , he came to have much
influence over the royal family-especially the Tsaristsa. In a way he
was a puppet master, as the cartoon drawing shows the Tsar and
Tsaritsa as puppets in Rasputin's hands as seen in A2

The people who lived in the countryside had poor living standards,
their houses were built of wood, a big, white washed brick stove is in
the middle of a room, on the stove the older people sleep in winter,
also there is a rough table and a few chairs, and a child's bed
hanging from the ceiling, possibly because of rats. The people who
lived in the towns also had poor standards, the apartment was damp and
dirty, in two rooms it is dark, and the ceiling is very low, the
plaster walls were crumbling, holes for cockroaches and bugs, this
makes the place cold. Source A5 shows us that there was 70.5% of
peasantry, 10.0% of the middle class, 8.0% workers, 2.0% nobility and
0.5% priests. Peasantry people had no ability to vote.

I think the authorities were afraid that the workers would get too
much power and they then just fired due to the fear that overwhelmed
them. I think that Kerensky called it "an historic error", because it
was supposed to be an historic occasion, but there was a massive error

It had a great and massive impact because his political opponents came
to distrust him after the cartoon that had a picture of the Tsar,
behind him some writing; the Duma only had the right to discuss laws
determined by the Tsar. The caricature of Nicholas drawn on this
manifesto indicates the attitude of his opponents to the Tsar.

The ideas that the Russian liberals had in common were, they wanted to
strip the Tsar of his power using non-violent methods, and they wanted
a democracy.

They disagreed that some cadets wanted to get rid of the Tsar-others
were satisfied with the 1905 reforms. The Russian liberals were
divided; they were not a united party and were weak.

Lenin would give industrial and agricultural workers more power and
the vote. He planned to get rid of capitalists who ran the factories,
therefore the workers would run their own factories. Give land to the
peasants. Lenin gave a great deal of sympathy for the workers of
Russia and he realised that he needed those workers if he wanted a
successful revolution.

Lenin had to have the support of the industrial and agricultural
workers if he wanted to gain power, he had to explain his political
views (Marxism) to them to get them on his side. Few politicians
bothered with working people in Russia at this time. Although the

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