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Rate My Teacher Essay

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As the youth of America, adults continuously stress the importance of education not only for self-betterment, but also to develop youths into the future leaders of the United States of America. Keeping this in mind, it is no wonder that many people praise teachers as the molders of the future of America. However, if students do not do as well as they could in school, it is necessarily fair to put all of the blame on them? Although commonly overlooked, there are two parts in the equation when considering the educational prosperity of students, the student and the teacher. In a nation of opportunities and equality, how can it be fair that teachers grade students with the possibility of failure without an evaluation of the teacher’s performance?
Many places around the country have begun to factor in these teachers and schools in the success of their students. In Indiana, an educational revolution has begun. If this new method is effective, it will surely alter the educational system of the United States of America. In this new system of educational evaluation, “teachers across the state will be rated 1 through 4, with 1 being the lowest” (Elliot and Butrymowicz). One factor in this grading process will be the grades of the teacher’s students. By adding this into the overall evaluation, it incorporates the teacher’s edification skills along with the knowledge and prowess the teacher has instilled in their students. Along with this rating system, there will be a consequence for teachers that, after 2 years, fail to meet a rating requirement of at least three. Due to this, teachers that attain a rating of one or two symbolizing their need for improvement for consecutive years will be eligible to be let go by their district. The other main part of this new evaluation system is improved observations of teachers’ classes by department chairs and other high-ranking authorities within the school system. According to a survey taken by the Department of Education, “99 percent of teachers were rated effective” (Elliot and Butrymowicz). Although at first glance these numbers seem to reflect a nearly perfect educational system, after a mere second thought, one can discern that this outlandish percentile truly represent the faults and imperfections within our current evaluation system of teachers. The new process must involve a stricter, more rigorous observation process that provides accurate numbers for teacher effectiveness rates.
However, as with any new process, the startup and early implementation of improved teacher-evaluation may have a few kinks. In an attempt to resolve this apprehension, there have been guides, templates and worksheets formulated in order to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of the new system. These guidelines were devised in the hopes that they will increase the growth and development of students because of their teacher’s instruction. Guidelines involved evaluation questions including reflection questions that serve to...

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