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The 21st century brought innovations in the way our entire life is organized. The average citizen nowadays has access to various media. We don't even notice anymore how this affects our lives, how it builds our opinions, beliefs, tastes, needs and goals. If one looks close into this issue, they will realize how important communication is, beginning with everyday communication and all the way through international and political communication. One will also become aware of how influential media can be in leading to or resolving conflicts.As I have always been interested in this area I believe that the choice of this major was expected and rational. The courses that this program offers are interesting and correspond to my ideas and beliefs of what would be the best way to earn a degree in Communication studies. Additionally, I think that they are designed in a way that leaves a lot of space for creativity and expression of the student's own interests through the different projects and case studies that have to be done. That would be very helpful when we, the students, enter the actual work market and are assigned our first work tasks.For every person working in the very competitive field of communication, whether as a journalist, a PR agent or a researcher is extremely important to posess general knowledge. Therefore, I think that the courses in general learning have helped me in achieving this goal. What is more important many of them have provided me with knowledge in areas that I am very keen on, like for example the English language (Composition courses), Art history, Psychology (General and Social psychology) and Philosophy. I have also taken elective courses mostly in the economy field, like management, marketing, the economics of the EU and social and economic development. Since I would like to direct my career to the field of print journalism I expect that all of these courses will help me in future. What I also found interesting in the beginning of my studies was the course in public relations. I haven't come across to this concept too often previously and it was a new field for me. After taking this course I realized that this is also an interesting subfield of communication studies and taking an insight of it in my advanced courses can be a real motivation.The courses offered by Empire State College are a great challenge for me because they will provide me with proficiency knowledge and enable me to find out what are my strengths giving me the possibility of discovering new interests and skills. I am especially interested in the courses News...

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Rationale Essay

634 words - 3 pages Over many years passing Egypt has been trying to reach democracy. The people are trying to speak out to the world, that they no longer want poverty, they no longer want unemployment, they no longer want a mass percentage of people being illiterate. The people have made it clear that no one is okay with the social gap. In the country that this dictator has let us to live in, we have people who have excessive money and people who don’t even receive

Rationale Essay

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765 words - 3 pages I choose this project because I thought this would be a fun activity to do with people in the class incorporating group activity, brainstorming and other ideas of other students perspectives and ideas have come into. Also to carry out what I have learned through the year plus to get more experience of caring out performances and learning how to: - set out a lighting script - stage directions - brainstorming - working with other

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2150 words - 9 pages The goal of my learning plan is to promote health maintenance and restoration for hip or knee replacement surgery patients by providing patient education sessions and information pamphlets on post-operative pain and swelling management between the periods of week 8 to week 10. During the implementation process of my learning plan I used the Community Health Nurses association’s standard as a guide to help me advance with the production and

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