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Do friends exist? The answer to that would be yes, and the fact is, true friends do exist. There are people out there who become so close their lives and goals are intertwined, and forever together. Yet the majority of friends last only a few years, and some are those who use others for their benefit. For example through the character of Raymond, Albert Camus displays the negative influence “friends” play on one’s actions and future. Raymond plays a large role in the conviction of Meursault during the trial, as he influences many of the decisions made earlier in Meursault’s life. Meursault is influenced negatively by Raymond leading to his death sentence as illustrated through the peer pressure implied on Meursault to testify against Raymond’s mistress, the aggressive implication of Meursault to use violence against the Arab, and when Raymond describes Meursault as “a pal”, which leads to the death Meursault is sentenced to.
First, Raymond influences Meursault negatively as seen when he convinces Meursault to testify against a woman who was supposedly cheating on Raymond which eventually leads to him downfall, his death sentence. Without any evidence or proper reasoning, Raymond falls into a craze where a simple lottery ticket and bracelet deemed his mistress as a cheater. With thorough conviction and compliments, Raymond manipulates Meursault into agreeing with everything he has to say. He blames everything that happens between him and the Arab on the Arab, and presents himself as the victim. He says “I was about to help him up but he started kicking me” (29), but refrains from mentioning that the Arab was actually the beaten mistress’ brother until later. Raymond consistently tells Meursault “I knew about things, I could help him out” (29), and with this, Raymond is able to get Meursault to write the letter. This is the first instance where Meursault could be classified as indifferent to human life, but the true criminal behind this situation is Raymond, who manipulates Meursault into these actions.
As Meursault and Raymond begin to consider each other as closer friends, Raymond heavily implies to Meursault that he is to fight the Arab that day on the beach which leads Meursault to be convicted and sentenced to death. Without asking Meursault’s look on the situation, Raymond tells him, “Meursault, if another one shows up, he’s yours” (53). Meursault, who has already been manipulated into Raymond’s friendship, finds him...

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