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In the microaggression article, the concept of racism is introduced as being a new form of modern, covert racism as opposed to the outright racism of the past. This concept really stuck out to me. Growing up in the Bay Area, a very diverse and accepting part of the country, I would be quick to say that race was never a problem. I would never say that I knew anyone that was racist or homophobic because these views were extremely looked down upon. We were taught at a very young age that everyone was equal and the importance of not judging others for their outward appearances. However, a few days before I read the article, a girl from my high school tweeted a swastika with no context. I am obviously always upset when I see a swastika, especially when I can see no reason for it, and it did not make me feel good. Normally I would ignore it and it would leave my mind but then I read the microaggression article a few days later and one of the examples given of a microassault is “displaying a swastika”(Sue et al., 273). When I saw that tweet my reaction was not to associate it with racism because in my mind racism has always been more outright like someone saying, “I hate black people”. But now through this class, and readings like the microaggression article, I’m starting to realize that racism is much more than blatant bigotry. I think that I will begin to see microaggressions more in my daily life and not take things so much at face value. This is a good thing because I know it will only increase my own awareness and help me understand the world more. But at the same time I know I will probably see the world as a slightly worst place than I saw it before. I do not think I will be able to ignore and forget things as easily as I once had.
The one article that stood out to me most from the reader was “Famous Last Words: Exploring the Depths of Racist Conditioning” by Tim Wise. I actually told my roommate about the article and tried to explain how impactful it was, which is something I have not done with any other articles. I am not sure why this article stood out to me so much but I think it has something to do with how heartbreaking, and realistic, the story was. I can picture Wise looking up to his grandmother and always seeing her as a moral and non-bigoted person and that image changing as the Alzheimer developed. Wise does not blame his grandmother but the inherently racist system of America. This article emphasized how systematic racism is deeply rooted in our country and how it is impossible to escape from it. The mere fact that his grandmother forget her children’s name and who her husband was, but still remembered the N-word speaks volumes. It makes me question what we all have deep down inside of our sub-consciousness. I cannot even bring myself to write that word in this paper but I have no idea what lies in my sub-conscious, in the part of me that is locked away. I think one of the biggest things that this class has taught me is how useless...

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