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RESEARCH ESSAY"Why would Australia switch its alliances to America over England during World War 2?"Australia's involvement in World War 2 was solely because of its connection with England and it's responsibility to defend them, however everything changed when the Japanese attacked. When the British failed to respond or help when the Japanese began to invade Sydney, Australia called upon America as a new, stronger ally to help protect and defend them, as they were not big enough or strong enough to do it themselves. This created a new found friendship between America and Australia, but created tension between all of their troops and citizens.When War was announced on September 3rd 1939, Australia was obliged to join as part of their link and commitment to Britain. "At the beginning of World War II, most Australians still believed that their first loyalty outside Australia was to England. But by 1942, the fighting of a global war meant that even allies had to make hard choices." (, 2014). However, then Prime Minister of England, Winston Churchill was quoted saying that if put in the situation, he would choose to keep the British troops and equipment to defend England, rather than sending them to Australia to help them defend from the Japanese. When in fact, the situation did arise, Churchill did exactly what he said he would, so Australia instead called on America to help defend itself. America answered and by early 1942 thousands of American troops began to arrive in Australia. There were approx. 250,000 American soldiers sited to Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane by 1943. In the eyes of the Australians, the Americans represented wealth and class, and were well received and respected upon their arrival. The Americans uniforms were a significant improvement from the baggy ones worn by the Australians, and everyone was pleasantly surprised by how kind and polite they were.One of the major things that came from this swap in alliances was the friendship and bond that was formed between Australia and the USA. Previously this had not existed, and to all Australians America was seen as a glamorous, far away land which they had only seen in Hollywood films. "Without any inhibitions of any kind I make it quite clear that Australia looks to America, free of any pangs as to our traditional links or kinship with the United Kingdom." - John Curtin (Australian Prime Minister), 26 December, 1041 (, n.d.). Still to this day, Australia and America have a close relationship, and continue to support one another in a variety of different endeavors. One of the things Australia lost in this switch in alliances, was the need to rely on England for support. Although Australia still...

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