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CE Major AssignmentThe topic of Social and Domestic Violence is one that is visible in today's society; this includes aspects such as child abuse, street violence, and drugs. I chose this topic because of the vast amount of support that churches give to people in this situation. More specifically the Uniting Church and Unicare, which is a program run by the Uniting Church for people experiencing many unnecessary difficulties in life. To explain a bit further what domestic violence is I asked, "The Domestic Violence Hotline" to send me a pamphlet they define domestic violence as, "any abusive behaviour used by one partner in a relationship to gain/maintain control over another's life." Women are the most common to experience violence followed by children. A survey in 1996 revealed that 2.6 million women had experienced abuse since age of 15.The Uniting Church has been serving the community for many years now and is respected by many people; this is also a reason why I chose this denomination to show a selection of the services they provide for their community. They also fight against Social Violence or street violence, which will be discussed later on. Overall the Uniting Church is a very caring church and this is obvious by all the resources it provides for people experiencing this violence problem.i) The Uniting Church was formed in 1977 and since that time has developed a number of programs to support children and adults who are experiencing domestic and social violence. There are countless services addressing these issues, the services I am going to be investigating further are Uniting Care Family Support, Burnside, Youth Program and Injection rooms. All of these relate to Domestic or social violence and aim to reduce and stop as many cases of violence as possible. The Burnside organisation is a major contributor of support to abused people. This organisation was opened in 1911, as an orphanage for children. Over the years it has developed to help domestically abused children and families. The organisation is quite well established with a museum of their own; over 16 locations with family support and many different branches offering different social services for different matters for example after care and education. The next involvement in this topic the church also targets the social side of violence, by providing Youth Services and too a lesser extent the Injecting Rooms. Youth services target youth who are having troubles such as drug addiction and homelessness. Many of the children that they are taking of the streets (especially the drug addicts) often resort to violence, for a wide variety of reasons. Taking these kids off the street giving them food and helping them off drugs greatly reduces the outbreaks of violence in certain areas. Injecting Rooms are not designed to get people off drugs however they give them clean needles, and a safe environment and are option of counselling, this has the effect of reducing the violence levels in...

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