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In the workplace, disagreement or arguments may arise due to several reasons. This can further result into a state of antagonism or opposition, resentment, avoidance, verbal assaults, and inability to work together. Such may arise due to personality clashes, differences in style, differences in leadership, interdependence conflicts and differences in the background or gender. With reference to the conflict between Norm and Norma, disagreement arose due to differences in styles. This is because Norma was after quick result from the initiated project while Norm believed he could work from home and still meet the expected standard. However, Norma expected full commitment from all the staff under her. For good working relations, conflicts should always be resolved and hence improve good working relationship among the employees both the juniors and seniors. Professionally, conflicts can be solved via two models; circle of conflict and triangle of satisfaction (Susan Holton, 1998).
Considering the conflict between Norm and Norma with reference to the circle of conflict, it is evident that the conflict arose due to external moods and values. The most contributing conflict driver was external moods. Norm had complaints from his wife due to him getting home late and not devoting his time to their marriage. It forced Norm to request his boss, Norma to make his work schedule flexible so as to enable him work from home at a time. Due to need of results by Norma she could not allow Norm to commute from home as she considered him one of her best performing staff hence needed his full input so as to achieve the newly initiated project (West Brooks Stevens, 2009).
Another contributor to the conflict was values; both Norm and Norma had value differences. Since Norm was married, he had to balance between his work time and family responsibilities. On the other hand, Norma was not married hence had to spend most time working for results improvement. Norm had a divided loyalty to his family and work while Norma strictly concentrated in her work (West Brooks Stevens, 2009).
The triangle satisfaction model points out on three areas: substantive, process, and psychological. Norm and Norma ended up into conflict due to substantive...

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