Reaching Comprimise: An Arm Bends Inwards

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There is an old, a really old, Korean proverb, “An arm bends inwards.” This saying means that all humans, whether humans like it or not, have tendency to take care of their own kinds before the strangers. Such phenomenon is not odd but only natural to who observe the phenomenon, so if an opposite case is presents, then the observer would take such event very awkwardly. From an idea or a belief that holds a political party together, to nationalism, and even to an ideological and philosophical approach called humanism, they all points towards one really old saying, “An arm bends inwards.” Political party’s policies are to benefit its supporters. Nationalism exists to protect and preserve the identity of a nation. Humanism stands to defend human dignity and value. These examples are entirely normal and extremely egoistic, and so were the Nullifications in 1828 and 1832. Nullifications were necessary steps for solidifying democracy along with the U.S. Constitution and theoretically plausible approach at the time. However, the nullifications were predestined to fail, because they were bias just as much as their adversary, the union’s ruling. Nullifications couldn’t have been solutions to the problems, because when both problems and solutions are one sided, but in exact opposite direction, they only create more, even much worse problems.

Towards the end of the War of 1812, United States, with constant failures and lack of ability, somehow managed put the right man in the right place at the right time (Carnes and Garraty 204). It was Andrew Jackson. With his toughness and determination, he led the Battle of New Orleans to a victory. With the proof of solid leadership from the battle, “Old Hickory”, Andrew Jackson, was elected as President of the United States in 1828. Though, Jackson wasn’t always successful. In 1824, he lost a presidential election to John Quincy Adams, and because of the bitter loss, Jackson’s supporters decided to sabotage Adams’ presidency by proposing an outrageous tariff on manufactured items, such as wool and textiles, which was intended to portray Adams as favoring his home region, North, over the south and west (“Nullification Crisis: Tariff of 1828”). Contradicting Jacksonians’ intension, the tariff remained on the table until 1828, and after Adams passed the proposal, it affected Jackson’s presidency to be disagreeable rather than Adams’.

When the Tariff of 1828 went into effect, as if it was precisely forecasted, the Southerners complained. It was only obvious that the Southerners felt the financial strain of the tariffs since they relied much on northern merchandise. One could safely assume that the Southerners’ sensed betrayal. They were betrayed by their very own, a fellow Southerner, and pushed back towards the end of a cliff, regardless of the fact that the Tariff wasn’t approved under Jackson’s authority. And among the entire south, South Carolina was the quickest to response to this “Abomination.” South Carolina...

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