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Reaching For The Stars Essay

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Planning your life out ahead of time is absolutely one of the best things you could ever do. As a child growing up, all I could ever think of was what I wanted to be when I had gotten older. Never was I a normal kid, I planned my whole life out at the age of seven. Only thing I was never sure about was the path I wanted to follow as far as a career. A police officer, nurse, dancer, doctor and singer were some of the career choices I decided when I was seven years of age. Did I know my final choice that would fit and pursue my dreams? No. Because of my unclear understanding, I’ve always had a back up plan that I could fall back on to pursue another career of interest. Now as I’m older, I still have a confused mindset on what I would like to focus more on and achieve. Truly, I have a few professions I would like to focus on and gossip about.
First off, I would like to speak on five dissimilar professions that I feel would be appealing to my personality and choice of labor. Starting off, being a Corporate Lawyer is one of the professions I would like to be a part of. Corporate Lawyers draw oriented responsibilities for the clients. Positive mindsets and on point communication skills are critical when becoming a corporate lawyer. These positions primarily have relations toward business transactions with specializing details of the law in connections to their occupation.
Also, this job contains contracts and negotiations bankruptcy, financial revealing, intellectual property, code commands, and way more special values. As a corporate lawyer, you can perform as a guider toward business executives, or an act for a company in court. You can go as far as studying, drafting contracts, promote unification and take on human resource issues while extending in the direction of the judicial system. This specific type of lawyer can be more common than a trail lawyer. As said, corporate lawyers often work with lawyers from other companies to register deals and guarantee that everyone is complying with the applicable law (What Does a Corporate Lawyer do?).
With that saying, you must have unprecedented writing and verbal skills. Attending law school and summer internships can have an enormous impact on future careers. By pursuing careers in legal counsel, you would go to corporate head on or maybe just educate corporate law at law school. In most cases, a corporate lawyer negotiates a lot when applying themselves into the business world. Tons of paperwork may be commanded along with writing and frequent revisions that includes repeated monitoring of business transactions. In the end, long work hours and good education are what makes you a prosperous corporate lawyer.
Typical salaries for a corporate lawyer can range anywhere from $60,000 to $180,000. The median of this career job can be anywhere from $100,000 to $130,000 depending on the skill level. Also, the larger the amount of money, the more experience the employer is and the better the location. Clearly...

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