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Reaching For Your Goals: How Far Is Too Far?

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People will go to almost any lengths to ensure that they reach their goals. As one can imagine, this determination can be very beneficial. Although, what most of us do not realize is that having such determination may actually be detrimental to our lives in more ways than we may think about. So, how far is too far to go to reach your goals?
We hear all the time about relationships that have fallen apart because they stood in the way of someone’s aspirations. In Homer Hickam’s case, in the movie October Sky, it was the relationship with his father that fell apart. Homer had dreams of building rockets, and winning the National Science Fair; doing anything to escape the harsh life of coal ...view middle of the document...

Like in October Sky, when Homer went against society’s rules, and became friends with a “nerd” at his school, named Quentin. Quentin was very smart and interested in rocket science. Homer knew he needed Quentin to reach his goal, but in the process, lost popularity. Later, Homer and “The Rocket Boys” needed someone to weld the bottom of their rocket, but in their small town, the only person that could help them was the welder for the mine. Homer knew his father, the mine superintendent, would not allow it. Homer asked the welder anyway, and when Homer’s father, John, found out, he sent the welder to the mine, where he later died in a mining accident. Homer blamed himself for his friend’s death. (Johnson, October Sky) So are your goals really worth risking the people you care about most of all?
People can get so focused on achieving their desired goals that they will go about doing it the wrong way. People will go to almost any lengths to get what they want. Even if reaching their goals means being involved in crime. Homer Hickam and a group of friends, “The Rocket Boys” were accused of starting a forest fire and arrested in front of the entire student body of their high school. It was not until Homer surprised everyone by solving an intricate math problem that they were proved innocent. (Johnson, October Sky) This could have had severe consequences on the “Rocket Boys’” lives, had Homer not proved them innocent.
People make goals for very different reasons. Some are for bragging right, some are simply made to see if we can actually do them, but some goals are made for their health benefits. However, some goals can...

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