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In our community, there are several organizations that have an impact in the lives of recovering alcohol and drug abusers. One that has made a significant difference in the Aiken area is Stand at the Crossroad Ministry. Stand at the Crossroads Ministry is led by Deborah Lamb, who is willing to accept people from every walk of life despite their past or present challenges. Through her experience, sacrifice, and acts of service, Deborah Lamb has become a treasure to many in our neighborhoods. Stand at the Crossroads is a Christian based organization created to help, encourage, and give support to women on the road to recovery. Those whom Deborah Lamb serves face challenges from uncertain ...view middle of the document...

For example, she quit a full time job in order to dedicate her time at the ministry, even though it meant a drastic cut in her income. In doing so, she had to stop doing some of the things she enjoyed, like going to yard sales. One of the hardest things for Deborah was not being able to go shopping at thrift stores for bargains. Additionally, she would have to eat at home and not have the luxury of going out to eat anytime she desired. Another example of her selflessness and sacrifice that was shared by Deborah Lamb was that when she began to work with women in crisis, she found the work of the ministry placed a demand on her person and time was no longer her own. She found herself spending twelve to fourteen hour days at the ministry, helping or preparing for all she had to do. Lastly, she has made major sacrifices by only seeing her husband on weekends since he now has a job that has taken him out of town.
There are many responsibilities that Deborah has as the director of Stand at the Crossroads Ministry. There are many different roles as the ministry director of Stand at the Crossroads Ministry. The first and most important is the paperwork: keeping the bills organized and paid; at the end of the month she takes a whole day to work on accounting tasks; the paperwork she has to do for the treatment plans of the mothers who are trying to regain custody of their kids; and she has to prepare documents for the courts (and be there to testify) on behalf of the mothers. Deborah Lamb provides transportation to the colleges for the ladies to get enrolled or for the ones...

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