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Response Essay One On Fight Club (Film)

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In the Film “Fight Club” the setting was set during the postmodern period. When the term postmodern is mentioned it is a bit of a contradiction. Modern means the here and now, the present. While post means subsequent to or after. It is the same as saying after the present. That is the contradiction! No one knows what is after the present. Maybe postmodernism means before it’s time. Many argue that this movie was before its time, some even believe that people would begin to mimic this behavior. Although no one has a clear on the definition of postmodernism there are many terms that correlate to postmodernism. In the film “Fight Club” there are words that resemble the postmodernism ideation such as consumerism, nihilism, and liberation.
In historical context the rise of the free market industries is at its peak. In the year 1999 oil industries, electronics, fast food, clothing lines hit the front line. For the first time ever poor people are able to have what rich people have. Keeping up with the Jones, as many people say. There is this mindset of get it now and pay for it later. This leave most of the working class in debt. While consumers get the latest luxuries they are being “Consumed by Consumerism” (Domigpe). We have all become slaves to the brands of everything we buy. For example, when new electronics come out on the market that is mostly a want, but looks awesome, we buy it to keep up with the Jones and also because the advertisements tell us to. We also need the companies to live, because without them there is no employment. “Because of this circle, which is hanging over everybody in a modern society, the capitalists have pushed us into a place, where consumerism and capitalism go hand in hand” (Denzin). With the debt that the narrator collected from the Ikea catalog, Tyler Darden blow up all of the financial institutions so that there is a restart on credit. As a result, the working class in no longer consumed by consumerism. This is also something the narrator is breaking free from.
“This generation is a senseless, non-following crowd of zombies who are looking for something to give them a sense of life…when “Fight Club” (1999) came out, that was the answer many of them were looking for” (postmodernfight.blogspot). When it comes to society, some people choose to live while others are just bored with life. In the film the narrator lives an extremely boring life. There is always a set schedule of what goes on in his life before and after work. The narrator has problems just as any other human do. This make the character somewhat relatable to the audience. His insomnia is just another burden on his shoulders along with...

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