Reaction Paper For The Case Of J.P. Watson, The Modern “Bluebeard” History Of Psychology Research

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The Case of J.P. Watson, The Modern “Bluebeard”
Lindsay Pehrson
History and Systems of Psychology
The article The Case of J.P. Watson, The Modern “Bluebeard”, written in 1920 by Earnest Bryant Hoag and Edward Huntington Williams is about one of the more deranged crimes known in America. The murderers name is J. P. Watson, a 42 year old average looking man. Watson confessed he had contracted illegal marriages and murdered at least five of his wives. The death of his first wife although was not a murder, it was an accident while on a boat. This incident then led Watson to start murdering his other wives. Throughout the period of three years, he committed nine murders and had twenty-one or more marriages. The case of J.P. Watson is told and evaluated to try to figure out what conclusions could be made on the reasons behind the murders.
Firstly, I found this article to be very interesting to read. As I read the first few sentences in the article I knew I wanted to continue. One of the sentences said, “The investigation finally uncovered the most astounding case of criminality ever known in America” (Hoag). I have never heard of this murder case before so I was enticed to find out what J.P. Watson had done. As I read only a few paragraphs I had quickly found out that Watson had around 20 wives and had murdered at least 5 of them. So the next thought that came to my mind was why and how did he murder them. To look for women, Watson would advertise himself. He said, "A gentleman, neat appearing, of courteous disposition, well connected in a business way; has quite a little property, and is connected with several corporations. Has a nice bank account as well as a considerable roll of government bonds. Would be pleased to correspond with refined young lady or widow. Object, matrimony. This advertisement is in good faith. All answers will be treated with respect” (Watson). I thought this was really odd and I cannot...

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