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Nonfiction literature is looked at by many as boring reads. This is because they would rather lose themselves in the world of fiction. There are so many advantages to reading nonfiction that many readers are not aware of. The writers of nonfiction use strategies to convey a particular idea, they make their stories relatable, and tell a true story that people can learn from .In the stories, “About Men” by Gretel Ehrlich and “Salvation” by Langston Hughes, they make a great example about how nonfiction literature can be beneficial to readers.
In the short story Salvation, Langston Hughes, a well-known American poet and novelist, discusses the role of religion in the life of an individual. The author of the literary work is ready to describe his own experience of being saved which leads to disappointment   in himself. In other words, this fact results in the use of lie to the church and in the author’s feeling of guilt for his behavior and actions. Besides, the so-called saving of Langston Hughes leads to his loss of faith in God, Christianity and Jesus Christ. This short story shows the readers how the adult’s pressure on a child can cause damage to the infant’s mind which is not aware of the significance of this situation.
As Langston Hughes’s short story Salvation can be regarded as a part of his autobiography, it is possible to conclude that he wanted to share his experience with others. In the adult age, he is ready to fully understand the event that took place in his life several decades ago. His major goal is to express his feelings and emotions, but not to criticize his aunt and other people in the congregation. He tries to explain the gap between generations and how they are different in their way of understanding certain concepts. Hughes and his aunt have difference thoughts concerning the meaning of the word salvation. Langston Hughes writes: And I kept waiting serenely for Jesus, waiting, waiting – but he didn’t come (Hughes, 2004, p.196). Langston Hughes, as the representative of the younger generation, had a great desire to see Jesus Christ and was waiting for his arrival. However, his aunt, as a representative of the older generation, had different thoughts. She said that Langston was crying because the Holy Ghost had come into his life, and because he had seen Jesus(Hughes, 2004, p.196).
In order to covey the theme and idea of the work, the author uses such literary strategies as metaphors, epithets, repetition, rhetorical questions, etc. He pays special attention to the use of verbs in the story. Moreover, the majority of sentences in Langston Hughes’s story are simple. It gives an opportunity to the readers to better understand the text.
My personal relation to the theme of the short story Salvation is positive. I think that the author discusses very important things in the life of any individual the use of lie that leads to disappointment and lack of faith and the theme of salvation. The boy who did not realize the...

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