Reaction Times In Regards To A Scientific Research Experiment Olsh College Research Paper

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Reaction Times
Date: Thursday, 8th of February
Partner: I was unable to complete this experiment although received the results of Grace Jemetta.
Aim: To determine the effect of distraction on reaction times.
Method: Refer to p.373 Pearson 10
Results: Table of results/calculations:
Average reaction distance:
(10.5+8+15.5)/3 = 11.33*cm
(29+30+6)/3= 21.66 cm
(28+36+25)/3=29.66 cm
Reaction time:
Square root of 11.33 x 0.045= 0.15s
Square root of 21.66 x 0.045= 0.21s
Square root of 29.66 x 0.045= 0.24s
Reaction time= square root of reaction distance (in cm) x 0.045
Discussion: (Review)
1. Why do you think three trials were taken for each test that was conducted?
I believe three trials were taken as it reassures the accuracy of the test and the reaction as well as, allows us to clearly observe any faults/inaccurate responses within the experiment.
2. Suggest any sources of error that could affect the accuracy of your results
One source of error is a human error, more specifically known as an incomplete definition, where the measurement may not always be clearly defined. For example, the hand may slightly move above where the original result is, thus making the measurement wrong. In order to minimise this error, we have to carefully consider the conditions that could potentially affect the measurement.
Similar to the previous source, this is another human error named the failure to calibrate/check zero of the instrument. In order to make our experiment a fair test we were asked to align the end of the ruler (0) on the top of the foot). If these instructions where not followed or misled, and the 0 was not where it was supposed to be position, the accuracy of the results will be affected.
As seen in my results, trial 3 (talking distraction) is an outlier as the result of 6 drastically lowers in comparison to the others. I have...

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