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It is not apocryphal but intellectually genuine that any writer with a passion for writing can be as prolific as he or she wants with originality worth praising in every dimension of it. Creativity could be unpredictable in its capacity with such writer. He goes fishing for writing early in the morning violating every facet of how to fish for words that can make up a good story, for instance, and yet he comes back from fishing for his words with success beyond imagination.

Making reading an obsession is a must for any writer with the long-term intention to excel at his writings. Reading a book after a book, no matter what subject, is not only important but it is paramount for the growth of any writer who has the desire to make every single day of his life a learning opportunity to take one more step towards being a robust writer, a sense of a journey but not of a destination. If you stop growing as a writer, you risk undoing all your previous gains probably followed by a death of imagination to realize where you are on daily basis. If you don't measure your progress incessantly, life measures your lack of progress and throws you into one-way river of backwardness assassinating the core of your being a writer. Your mind as a writer does not only feed on food and oxygen, but it thrives on reading and writing words as lifetime companions with whom you share unbreakable loyalty, and pampering them as lovely babies of yours and watching them to grow in your subconscious mind is vital. Not letting your words to decay in the womb of creativity and constantly bringing them into existence is like going to the gym more often to build the muscles of your body, not randomly but on a timetable carefully designed by you to give birth to fruitful results.

Do you own a library card so that you can check out materials?

Many people answer "no" to the above question simply because "something free" is usually ignored with the perception that, because you can get it free, it somehow lacks the opposite of uselessness, which is far from the truth. I don't need to emphasize the importance of having a library card because it is a well-known fact that if you have a library card, you can access millions of books, audio and magazine collections that don't cost you a dime.

Recently, however, I checked out some great books on several writing areas from my local library. As I closely studied the titles of the books, I chose to read a book about how to write short stories. I wasn't expecting that this book could be this interesting, although I never judge a book by its cover. This book is entitled the art & craft of the short story by Rick Demarinis. I instantly liked reading this book before I was on the 8th page. The writer wrote:

"You must love the short story, but you must also fear it. The ideal story, like a dream lover, is unattainable. I guess that's the nature of attraction. And, like a dream lover, it cannot be a tidy and cooperative entity, something...

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