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Effective communication in the business world must be mastered to be successful in the competitive market. Individuals will need to learn about their audience to know the best way to convey their messages effectively. If individuals do not analyze their audience first, then their messages will be lost to some of the audience who may not understand the level of language. With diversity in the business environment, individuals must ensure that when they speak to an audience that they gear their message to everyone. When addressing a situation in which diversity is present, speakers must always design communication with the audience in mind.
To achieve effective communication in a diverse audience, speakers must consider the characteristics of their audience. One characteristics of the audience is the audience’s education background. Knowing that the audience includes a group of stakeholders, including managers, salespeople, and customers will help speakers determine how to approach them appropriately. Some of the customers may not have the knowledge and experience level as the other audience so individuals need to use simple language with simple sentences and common words that are appropriate. In addition, some of the audience may have English-language ability. English may be their second language and they may not comprehend the higher vocabulary words (Routledge, 2000).
Choosing the appropriate communication channels will help the audience walk away with the understanding of the information presented. A face-to-face meeting that involves verbal and oral communication would serve the purpose when presenting quarterly sales information. This will allow the audience to hear the message, sense the speaker’s tone of voice, and watch his or her facial expression to determine the meaning of the message. Additionally, it will allow instant feedback from the audience (United States Department of Labor, 1996). The feedback from the audience is important because without it, the presentation would not have been effective. Another appropriate communication channel is the use of visual aids. Using visual aids will add impact and interest to the presentation. Furthermore, looking at pictures help increase the audience’s understanding and retaining level. Visual aids involve the audience and provide a change from hearing the speaker talk about the information to seeing the message the speaker is trying to convey. They also encourage gestures and movement on the speaker’s part to put him or her in control of the presentation. The use of visual aids is beneficial to the audience as well as to the speaker. The presentation is about quarterly sales information so the speaker will need to use charts and graphs to support the numerical information when making that part of the presentation. It is important that the visual aids reinforce the major points and stimulate the audience. By preparing a presentation with visual aids that emphasize the main ideas, the...

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