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Audience Analysis PaperDawn RiceUniversity of PhoenixAudience AnalysisAs head of the Sale Department it is my responsibility to present sales performance information to the CEO, stakeholders, managers, salespeople and customers. Due to the diversity of the group it is imperative that I'm effective communicating the data keeping them engaged, focus and interested in the sales analysis presented. In doing so it is vital that I have a clear understanding of my audience to effectively deliver the material at each group level of understanding.An audience analysis uses the demographic and situational information of an audience to determine their specific needs and interests. Communicating with the people who will be attending the quarterly sales meeting should assist with the identification of their characteristics. Several audience characteristics of communications that should help establish the individual background information are education, native language, professional background, and knowledge level of the subject that will be presented. Equally important is considering the possibility of unexpected audience members, such as any members from the board of directors who may be interested in joining the meeting or somebody else who may attend at the last moment. Asking the audience for points of interest ahead of time is also helpful in the structuring of the meeting. In some cases, the meeting may even be planned to ensure maximum focus from the audience.Another important aspect is the presenter should place himself in the shoes of the audience and view the meeting from the respective point of view; in order to accurate extract the desired reactions. In doing so the presenter can envision relevant questions and formulating the appropriate answers the will enhance the flow of communications that will maintain a natural flow conveying confidence and gaining the audience's trust.Finally, performing a group analysis will give a better understanding of the audience's needs, starting with the company's finances, employee behavior, compliance logs, and return on equity.Salespeople are the sales backbone of the company, and are largely responsible for the direct performance within the company. These people are familiar with the products and services being rendered, and can help consumers decide which product best suit their needs. Therefore, they must be educated with industry best practices and product knowledge, which includes but not limit to information regarding similar products and services offered by our company's competitors.Customers are the lifeline of the company, and they must always be satisfied; however, this can be very difficult due to the wide range of consumer's wants and needs. For this reason, consumer-specific interests should be covered. Since many consumers are emotional buyers, it is beneficial to train employees, especially salespeople on reading them and engage their feelings. Training...

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Audience Analysis

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935 words - 4 pages that is not considered a “hot button issue” was that the audience might simply feel apathy towards the subject with no opinion whatsoever. While that audience wouldn’t be particularly difficult to persuade, it would be a challenge to make them at all enthusiastic about the topic. In addition to getting a feel as to the level of apathy, I was primarily concerned with knowing how many in the class were bilingual, and whether had learned the language

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Audience Research

829 words - 3 pages or refined as those used in the physical sciences. Understanding and predicting human behaviour as a result are better than the guesswork upon which much of communication has been based. Research provides the information to help plan communication and evaluate its results. Some of the uses of research in mass communication are: Audience studies Message content and design Effect studies Communicator analysis Each of research

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2523 words - 10 pages investigation.ConclusionPersonality is an important element in self-identification, influencing behaviour and choices. This study revealed that there was a significant difference in performance for introverted participants between audience and no audience condition, with increased performance in the absence of an audience. Also, there was no significant effect of audience condition on extroverted participants. A critical discussion suggests that analysis of data was

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2066 words - 8 pages Siobhain BowenSociology EssayCommunicationsGiven the time spent by audiences consuming the media, it is hardly surprising that much speculation and debate has focused on the exact nature of the relationship between audiences and media output. It is possible to identify distinct phases of audience analysis. What makes these phases distinct is the degree to which the balance of power and influence is attributed to the media, in terms of production

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Audience Analysis

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Audience Analysis

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