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Joey Stein
Hillary Tully
WR 121
October 3rd, 2017
Reading Analysis
We live in a country ranked in the top 25 for the highest levels of obesity based on BMI. This alone is enough to comprehend why there is a growing discussion and concern for that of dietary behavior, the responsibility of public health and wellbeing, and the ways in which we manage them. This growing concern has been voiced by many, including the contrasted yet seemingly conferring viewpoints presented by David Zinczenko and Radley Balko with which they discuss similar topics within the confines of this larger debate.
In David Zinczenko's article, "Don't Blame the Eater", Zinczenko coherently argues that weight gain associated with the consumption of fast food is a result of its sheer availability to access, and poor labeling. In response to a lawsuit posed by youth against McDonald's as a result of their weight gain, Zinczenko wrote this article in an effort to inform the audience and the public about the impending risks that could come with the consumption of certain foods at certain places such as McDonald's. To summarize, his article conveys a general discontent for the deception of nutritional value that many fast food restaurants, particularly McDonald’s, take part in, while also criticizing the government for not intervening or seeing “ a direct line between the $1 billion that McDonald’s and Burger King spend on advertising and their own swelling health care costs.” (Zinczenko, 464).
In contrast, two years later, Radley Balko wrote his article “What You Eat Is Your Business”, in which he presents an opposing and heavily politicized you-are-what-you-eat mentality to the same greater issue of health and growing childhood obesity and diabetes rates as discussed by Zinczenko. Balko wrote his argument in reaction to government anti obesity initiatives, and argues that if an individual should choose to eat a Quarter Pounder combo from McDonalds, the personal liberty to make that decision...

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