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There are five developmental stages in a growing child's life. It all starts at birth, which is known as infancy, it lasts until age 2. Then there is early childhood which is from ages 2-6, and then comes middle childhood which is from 6-10 years old. Early adolescence is the next stage which spans from 10-14 years old and then late adolescence which is from 14-18 years old. The two stages that stand out most in development to me are middle childhood and late adolescence. From the earliest age in middle childhood to the oldest age in late adolescence, there is an eight year gap. There is so much growing done in between these two stages that the transition is truly remarkable. There will be a comparison and overview of each one of the developmental characteristics which will explain the profile for each stage. (McDevitt & Ormrod, 2004)In middle childhood they are becoming more independent because they can go to a friend's house and play, but they socialize with their parents as well. They focus on interests, activities, and they are more care-free (McDevitt & Ormrod, 2004). Intellectually both stages are changing and maturing from the last developmental stage they came from. At early childhood letters and shapes are a main focus and when advancing to middle childhood, they are learning handwriting, math, science, and history. In middle childhood they are in 1st to 5th grade so they are in one classroom with the same teacher all year long and the teacher will teach different subjects. When children reach this stage they are able to use complex sentences correctly, and enjoy telling and hearing jokes. They understand that language can be written in different sorts of ways, and understand symbols. By the age of eight most children are fluent in their speech and have become more confident in their reading ability. They are developing their writing skills and are capable of putting together fluent, grammatical sentences.Middle childhood starts at the early age of 6 years old, when most children this age are missing a few teeth and are making way for their adult ones. In this developmental stage middle children begin to gain knowledge from linguistic creativity and word play. Educators can teach students this concept by teaching rhymes and playing word games. Every Friday most elementary teachers give their students spelling tests. I think a great word play game from middle childhood students is "Race to spell". Two students are at the chalkboard and the first student who spell the word the teacher give correctly and first are the winner. This game also illustrates fast thinking. "Race to Spell" also promotes reading skills. Middle childhood students will also learn construction of narratives with plots and cause-effect relationships. I think teachers should have their students read as a class and as they are reading he/she should stop periodically and explain each part of the story. This task will also prepare students to not be afraid to read...

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