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I enjoyed the chapter, Mohammed Meets Madonna from the book The Middle of Everywhere and I thought the author’s journals of the students were interesting. I like that Mary Pipher wrote a little about all the students that were in the English Language Learner class. I thought this gave the audience a good idea of the variety of backgrounds and attitudes that the students had. For example, there are students who are in gangs, like Khoi and Cahn, and then there are students who are tenderhearted, like Velida and Tharaya. Some of the students in the ELL class wanted to learn and had dreams of going to college, while others just wanted to get out of school. I found this difference between these students interesting because I know that when I become a teacher, I will also have a wide variety of students. These journals made me realize some of the challenges I will have to overcome as a future teacher.
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In the chapter we read, the students learn about the American culture and the values that we have in this country. I think that teachers should also take the time to teach their students about other cultures, so that their students will have more respect and knowledge about different ethnicities.
Adolescent development and the topics covered in class are shown throughout the chapter that we read. The first topic, that we covered during a class facilitation, was dealing with different cultures and ethnicities as a teacher. This topic can be seen throughout most of the chapter, since the ELL teacher has twelve students who come from different backgrounds and cultures. In the chapter, Mrs. Kaye has a patient and welcoming personality, as she teaches her students about the American culture and values. In class, we talked about numerous scenarios that could happen when teachers have students of different ethnicities. During the discussion, we talked about how, as a teacher, you want to make those students feel welcome, but still teach them about the American culture. I think that Mrs. Kaye matched what our class thought teachers in her situation should do.
Another topic, that we covered in class, was identity development. In the chapter we read, we can see that each of the twelve ELL students are struggling in some way with identity development. Since these students are new to the country, they are trying to figure out who they are in this new society. These students are given the chance to become someone different than they were back in their home country. Some of them are further along in the identity development process than others. For example, Khoi and Cahn join gangs with other people of their same ethnicity. This is their way of trying to figure out who they are and where they belong in society. On the other hand, Nadia wants to do well in school to become a doctor and please her father. Nadia is further along in the identity development stages than the two boys because she knows what she wants to do with her life. However, she still struggles with identity development because her actions are based off of her father’s wants, instead of her own. Overall, each of the ELL students are struggling with identity development in their own way.

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