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Reading And Writing Skills Essay

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Reading and Writing Skills

I remember when I started kindergarten. It was August 27, 1990. I’m still a little angry about that day because it was my fifth birthday and I still remember that I didn’t get to wear a crown on that day like the rest of my classmates did on their birthdays. I guess I didn’t get to wear the crown because it was the first day of school. But besides that, kindergarten was a really great year. In the mornings we’d go around the classroom to different stations and play different games, then we’d go to P.E., then lunch, and finally nap time. That was the year I learned how to count to one thousand. My teacher Mrs. Collins would sit with us and we’d count every morning. And every morning we’d count a little higher. She would also read to us. I don’t remember what we read but it was a great source of entertainment for me and I remember being very interested in what we were reading. I believe that that was what kept me interested in reading series books when I was younger. Everything I chose to read from then on kept me interested and made me want to read more. That’s how my first year of grade school went.

In first grade I learned how to read and write. My inspiration that year was my teacher Mrs. Garza. I remember thinking that she was the prettiest lady I had ever met (besides my mom) and I did everything I could to try to impress her. There were two different reading groups in my class. The better readers were the cardinals and all of the others were the robins. I was a cardinal. Mrs. Garza would sit with us and we’d read different stories and that was how we improved. I was definitely an over-achiever back then when it came to school. Reading was so interesting to me.

When I was younger, I liked a variety of books. I remember reading books like Goosebumps and The Boxcar Children. I also went through a phase in junior high where I bought non-fiction diaries of teenagers that struggled through different problems. Those always kept me entertained and they were the type of books that I could never put down. Reading was never something that I just did in school. I did it whenever we had free time in class, after school, and at night before bed. It was always one of my hobbies. I also found writing very interesting. I enjoyed writing papers for all of my English classes. Every one was a little different and every year I truly believe that I became a better writer. I learned different ways to write and I believe that I always met my teacher’s expectations in my papers.

I remember in fifth grade I had to write my first autobiography. That was the only time until now that I got to write entirely about myself. It’s a project that I’ll never forget. My teacher gave us about a...

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