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Reading Book Essay

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Because the new technologies of the world have changed the way people think, many people have forgotten the pleasure and benefits of reading a book. For instant the world has become more like a fast food restaurant where the people want things right away instead of waiting for a good healthy dish. People start to think that reading a book has become an old-fashioned habit, so they prefer to search on the Internet for the summary or watch a movie based on a book. The truth is that reading books provides benefits to keep the mind active. Reading can improve brain, develops a grow mindset, and prevents health issues.
Keeping the mind active can slow the progress or possibly even prevent Alzheimer’s and Dementia because staying mentally stimulated prevents the brain from losing power. Just like any other muscle in the body, the brain requires exercise to keep strong and healthy. Reading has been found to be helpful with mental stimulation. ...view middle of the document...

They have cultivate the love of learning by reading and keeping their minds active. They motivate themselves for the hunger of curiosity. A grow mindset person knows that the world is getting more advance every day, so to keep on track on the world they read, study, and keep their mind looking to the future.
Everything that we read fills our heads with new information, and it will be very helpful for future situations. The more knowledge somebody have, the better equipped somebody is to fight any challenge that get in his way. The more somebody read, the more words he will gain, and the better conversation skills he will learn. Bing articulate and well-spoken is of great help in any profession, and knowing that somebody can speak to higher-ups with self-confidence can be an enormous boost to his self-esteem. It can be a good aid in somebody’s career goal. Reading can also be a good way to learn new languages. Reading can help the memory improvement because while reading a book, it is necessary to remember the characters, their background, ambitions, and their way through the story. Every new memory creates a new connection in the brain, the more connection, the stronger the brain will get. Reading helps the brain develop a stronger analytical thinking skill. While reading a book the brain starts to work and develop the way somebody thinks, making him able to have a discussion of a book or other situations. Reading can help somebody improve his concentration and focus. When somebody is reading a book his is highly focused in the book, and the rest of the world just falls away. Reading can improve somebody’s writhing skills. This can be related to the fact that reading expands the vocabulary of somebody. While reading the brain is expose to the author’s well writhing work and his fluidity.
Reading is one of the many ways to develop your brain, and is also a good way to keep a brain healthy. Because the world is advancing in technologies very fast, it is recommended to develop you brain as well. Many people can think that reading a book is just a waste of time, but in reality is something that a growth mindset will do because they believe that they can develop their intelligence, and one of the ways they do it is reading

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