Reading Environmentally Essay

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Reading Environmentally
When it comes to the topic of e-books vs. paper books, most of us will readily agree that the spread of e-books let people’s life more and more convenient. Where this agreement usually ends, however, is on the question of environmental protection. Whereas some are convinced that e-books are greener than traditional books, others maintain that e-books do not size up to our expectations. Nowadays, with the development of science technology, the chance that we use science are more and more. Furthermore, the convenience and the light of electronic products attract lots of young people. According to the survey, a majority of e-books users are under age 30. On the other hand, some adults are more likely to read printed books. E-reader vs. paper book is a provocative question, which lots of author also make own point about. And I have chosen two articles that mainly talk about the environment of e-books and paper books in the following.

In the article” E-books Are Not Greener than Paper Books”, in the author Debra.A.Miller’s view is, “the basic tenet of sustainability is the key to the problem about E-reader vs. paper book”. The author reminded us that we should think about the depletion about the materials of electronic products, shipping cost, fuel and the energy which use to recycle them. Then, the author reported some conclusions which from her colleague - Mr.Green, at Sierra Magazine. At first, Mr.Green claimed that the e-reader is not greener than the traditional books unless you are a fast and furious reader, which is according to an article in the New York Times about the study of the website of TerraPass. Because the e-reader needs more energy to manufacture and recycle than the traditional books. However, the author of the article persist in his point,”the e-reader was the more environmentally responsible choice”. Another article that published in the New York Times against this viewpoint when it is written,“the outfit called Cleantech also did a study using similar data, and then got the conclusion that readers should at least read three books every months over four years”, in that way, the e-reader is environmental than paper books in carbon emitted. There is no doubt that paper books are the better choice. Not only that, once the books or library shelves are damaged, they can be easily recycle because they are generally all paper. Finally, the author gave some advice for reading environmentally. As an illustration, we can borrow some books from the downtown, and return them to the library we are near after finishing them. What’s more, the sustainable way to read is going to the good old fashioned public library. Nowadays, a lot of libraries, take the case of that The Sierra Club Green House, also asserted “reduce, reuse, and recycle”. People can read library books over their lifetime. At last, the author hopes today’s young people to read more books through paper or electronic means.

In the article “ E-books Are...

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