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Reading Historical Fiction Takes You Places

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Just by reading, can take someone to many exciting adventures. For instance, an adventure that one can go through is “[swimming] in the seas with the little mermaid,” (Reading takes you 1). This is important, because the author is being able to use descriptive details that allows the reader to be able feel/make them like they’re with the character. Another adventure that someone could go through is to “attend fancy balls with Cinderrella,” (Reading takes you 1). When an author is showing these little details, it makes the story powerful, different, and unique. While reading Fault in our stars, I felt like I was with Hazel Grace, throwing the eggs at my blind friend’s ex-girlfriend car, ...view middle of the document...

By reading historical fiction, a reader can learn what everything was like (setting) during the time period. From the novel Crispin by Avi, an example of that would be the book told me where everything was, like what was in the commons. From these details “north of the village was the commons, where we peasants grazed our oxen and sheep,” (Avi 21) I could tell and see a vivid image. I could tell that the oxen and sheep were kept in the common which peasants would watch and that’s learning just by the plain description. Another detail from the same book Crispin by Avi is it just told me a description of the village as well. The evidence is “the same cluster of small dwelling along a single road,” (Avi 140) which was the description. This evidence shows that the many of the villages would look similar to each other so the setting would look alike, being the same. Then from the book Esperanza Rising by Pam Munoz Ryan, the reader learn this also by the great descriptions. So, for example, when thy say “trash littered the floor and it reeked of rotting fruit and urine” (Ryan 66) it was showing details of the train that the poor people had to ride. Now I know the description of the Great Depression and the poor conditions people had to live through to survive. Then again from the book Esperanza Rising by Pam Munoz Ryan, you can learn the setting/climate by what the characters are wearing. The reason for that is “Juan, Alfonso, and Miguel arrived, their clothes stiff and brown.” (Ryan 151) which I could tell from that, that the environment of the setting was probably dirty and really dusty. Now I can conclude that there are many reasons and examples on towards how you can learn what everything was like in historical...

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