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Reading Is Un Natural To Children Yet Necessary For Active Participation In Modern Culture And Society.

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Reading is un-natural to children yet necessary for active participation in modern culture and society. DiscussIt is natural for people to become accustomed to what their society surrounds them with, in short, we are a product of our society and we consume what it provides us with. As human beings we are innately sociable creatures, so one could argue that society today is natural to what human evolution has made it. However, many psychologists, philosophers, scientists, and educationalists stand against the concept that a natural human being could inhabit today's modern culture. Children are supposedly forced, not guided, into a world of unnatural constraints and intellectual requirements. We live in a society that assumes that children are children by nature, not through what we, as adults desire them to be.Nature or living naturally, as I will term it throughout this essay, is not as one would immediately presume it to be. I believe, as many others, that society over the past five hundred years has put unnecessary and unnatural restrictions on our living capacities, although we are a product of what we have made ourselves. Society determines our moral judgement, the ways in which we confirm our intellectual capacities, the prejudices we hold, our human relationships and what we consume. Literacy and the development of communication is a by-product of human beings' own societal evolution and so, a baby learning language, seemly effortless, is an innate and instinctive process. However, when a child reaches the age of understanding symbolism and other minds, we presume that this is the right age they should begin to read. Many cultures survive on basic language, pictorial symbols for alphabetical purposes and nothing more. What sets our Western world apart from the simplistic/natural cultures? This is what I have set to find out, and this is what I endeavour to understand.Is it necessary to be literate to be an active participant in modern human culture? This is the main question to be focused on. Necessity comes out of a need for something, it isn't a desire or a want. As termed by the Oxford dictionary a 'constraint or compulsion regarded as a law prevailing through the material universe and governing all human action' (Sykes Ed 1976 :729). Therefore I would like to put forward that being literate is an essential requirement, as a consequence of our own actions, of participating in ones own community.Literacy came into common usage at the dawn of the printing press. A seemingly simple invention, that created a different way in which we look upon our world today.This essay is not about children per-sƒÕ, but about what adults have conceived childhood to be, their idealism's of how they should live and what they should learn. I will start with a brief overview of the medieval child, and then try to convey to the reader how the printing press had an enormous effect upon conceptions of the general public. As a consequence of the...

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