Reading Log #3: Just Like Chicken

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Is it wrong to call a dead person’s corpse an it, disregarding everything that happened before their death. In Barry Lyga’s I Hunt Killers, seventeen-years-old Jasper “Jazz” Dent is helping the local police in solving several murder cases. The only problem is that Jazz was raised and trained by his father, serial killer Billy “The Artist” Dent, to become the greatest serial killer in history. Throughout the entire course of the story Jazz struggles with stopping a new serial killer who is imitating his father’s old kill and keeping his sanity in check. As this is a horror and detective story, there are many uses of situational and verbal irony. Verbal irony is used constantly to reflect the thoughts inside the protagonist’s mind as a teenager and a sociopath while situational irony is used in order to create suspense within the story.
The verbal irony is seen mostly by the words Billy Dent used when showing a young Jazz the “family business.” “Easy. So easy. It’s just like cutting chicken” (164). During Jazz’s childhood, Billy would teach him how to torture and torment victims before killing them. At this time he was instructing Jazz in cutting one of his latest victim. He constantly tells Jazz that it was just as easy as cutting off the skin from a chicken’s body. This shows verbal irony, as the victim was still conscious when Billy was conducting his “lesson” and probably struggled around in an attempt to escape. Jazz also had a hard time performing the act as he knew the identity of the victim and became so traumatized that he blocked the identity of the person and the act itself from his memory in order to have some sort of closure. This act would soon haunt him in the future as a dream where he starts questioning whether or not he killed some innocent person. As the words of Billy’s lesson continue to sink in, Jazz begins to worry about trying to be a normal teenager.
Jazz, being the same as every teenage boy, was obsessed with sex, but the verbal irony lies in the reason why he was terrified of it. “The very thought of it absolutely petrified him. Sex was like light fluid for people like him” (128-129). Being around with his father and hearing his stories, he knew what some serial killers do to their victims before killing them. The thought of having sex with some one would be the event that makes Jazz cross the line and become a serial killer himself, raping,...

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