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Reading Outside Of School Essay

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Generally, students don’t read outside of class. They are stressed because of homework and just go home to watch TV as a way to rid themselves of their worries. A reported fact from a survey of 136 freshman high school students is that, “41 percent of freshman students receive homework assignments every day of the week” (Wilson 3). A more conducive way to erase stress from the school day would be to sit down and read an enjoyable book. Most students of this modern age have no time to delve into a book and be lost in its pages for hours on end. Part of it could be that students are overwhelmed by homework or they are too lazy. Another part of it could be that they have no motivation to read a book because without pictures, books are meaningless to them. In order to inspire students to enjoy reading for the rest of their lives, teachers and schools should allow the students to pick a book, make various trips to the library, and expose students to different book genres.
In elementary school, students would generally go to the library at least once a week to a month to pick out a book to read for independent reading. At times, students wouldn’t come back to class with a book because they have no desire to read. It would be better for students if they had a say in what the library carried. We need to understand that “children are the actual consumers of the resources” (Sanacore 1) in the libraries. So, the librarians should have student-friendly books on the shelves at all times. In order to obtain books that the younger students enjoy, the teachers should observe students “browsing and choosing materials from the school library” (Sanacore 2) to begin with. If the teachers notice a trend in what books the students read, they should report that book to the librarian and try to obtain it for their library collection. So many school libraries don’t have books that students want to read. Of course, teachers have papers to grade and students to teach, but it could be for half an hour during the school day. If younger students were assigned independent reading for homework then, they wouldn’t be as motivated. When students are assigned independent reading for homework, they may have other homework and be “stressed from the volume of homework that [has been] assigned” (Wilson 2), but reading is a way to relieve the stress. The student might skip over the independent reading and focus on homework that is more meaningful to them such as math or science homework. When pressured into reading a book quietly during class, they would be given the chance to escape into the book. Students who dislike their book could go back to the book shelf and retrieve a different book. Another possible example among the countless others is having what’s called Peer Sharing. It “involves one or two children doing a book talk about their favorite book” (Sanacore 3) in order to get peers interested. Students who give a book report-like presentation would inspire other students...

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