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Reading Questions On Road To Berlin Eng4 U Assignment For English Class

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1. Sometimes essays do not have a clear thesis statement, but this one has an obvious purpose nonetheless. What is the purpose (dominant impression) of this essay. Locate a sentence that states the thesis and explain why you chose this sentence.
I believe the dominant impression for this essay is to describe how the beach looked after the victorious battle. A sentence from the text that I feel demonstrates this thesis is “On the beach lay, expended, sufficient men and mechanism for a small war. They were gone forever now. And yet we could afford it”. I felt this sentence described the nature of the thesis in that it described what was lost, relating the battle to a small war. When the author writes that “we could afford it”, I believe it means that the author says that these losses made a difference in the war that would help the allied side, and so it was affordable to lose this many men for freedom.

2. Why is the essay called, "On the Road to Berlin"? What does the title have to do with the content and purpose of the essay?
I think the essay is called “On the Road to Berlin” because it represents the story of the invasion of Normandy, also know as D-Day. The allied side’s plan was to invade Normandy and eventually make their way to Berlin. The allies fought to free Nazi-occupied countries and in effect end the war.

3. What is tone (author's attitude toward subject matter) of this essay? Offer words, phrases or examples to support your answer.
The tone of the author seems negative towards war and the losses that occurred in Normandy. An example from the essay that supports this is “For a mile out from the beach there were scores of tanks and trucks and boats that were not visible for they were at the bottom of the water—swamped by overloading, or hit by shells, or sunk by mines. Most of the crews were lost” (Pyle). This statement shows the true extent of war, the losses that seem common in war. He did not focus on the victory but rather on the losses of man that day.

4. What point of view does the author use in the narration of this essay? What effect does it have?
Ernie Pyle shares a point of view that is content or happy with the fact that his side just won the battle. I feel like this creates a form of sentimentality that the reader feels towards the dead men. As well as the idea that these dead men represented the start of the end of war.

5. This descriptive passage is essentially a catalogue of the casualties of war: human and equipment. Select two of the most effective descriptions for each category of casualty and list them. Why are these four so effective in your opinion?

Human Casualty
Passage One: “Men were sleeping on the sand, some of them sleeping forever.” (Pyle)
Passage Two: “I stepped over the form of one youngster whom I though dead. But when I looked down I saw he was only sleeping.” (Pyle)
I feel that these passages describe human casualty but describing them sleeping. He described it in a nature that...

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