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Connell: Chapters 5 “Gender Relations: This Chapter was filled with a vast array of intriguing thoughts but one that stayed with me is the discussion on the economic sphere that is culturally defined as a “man’s world” or a women’s world,” with or without the presence of the opposite sex within that world. The reason that I found this is intriguing is because I wondered how either sex could really be completely out of the other’s world? If the “man’s world” is work, then how does a woman get eliminated from that world? If a “woman’s world” is the home, why isn’t the man in that home? Presumably he is working to pay for that home, so I was just a little intrigued by the thought of how and why either of them would stay out of the other’s world and what that means.
Evans & Williams “Cultural Difference”: Cultural difference refers to the concept of boundaries with in a society that are established through certain social constructions and discourse. It differs from cultural diversity and carries and more negative connotation in that it is usually thought to be a source of social problems. It is particularly important in the field of gender studies because it allows us to recognize particular social boundaries with in a culture. By understanding how that society constructs men and women differently, we then begin to see the foundations of inequality.
One of the most memorable passages I found while reading about this concept was in regards to the European response to covered women. It states that “Although there is no prohibition in the UK, that has been a great deal of debate on the veil and particularly the burka, seeing it as a manifestation of the unwillingness of Muslims to integrate and as a security threat” (p.40). I have a several Muslim friends that are female and they all consider it an honor to be completely covered and even consider it an act of worship to Allah. It is for this reason that this statement...

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