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The Four Types Of Conflict In Shattered

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In the book, Shattered, the book is about a teen who begins to mature as he ages. The main character is starting to become more mature after he gets a placement at a soup kitchen. He starts to realise that there are many problems going on in the society. There are many types of conflicts that are going on around him. The four types of conflicts going on in the book are Human vs. Society, Human vs. Self, Human vs. Human and Human vs. Self. The one conflict that is really making this story apparent is Human vs. Society due to the Rwandan genocide. The Human vs. Self, Human vs. Human, Human vs. Self are the other conflicts that are making this story interesting after the Human vs. Society conflict.
To Begin, the first type of conflict going in the book, Shattered, is Human vs. Society. The individual involved is Ian, he is taking a stand and is fighting against society for all of the people living on the streets which have been treated like garbage. This conflict is due to poverty and the lack of respect for the people living on the streets. The society has no respect for people on the streets and consider them nothing other than garbage. This conflict relates to social justice because of the high poverty numbers, and injustice. Poverty is a very big social justice problem as it occurs almost everywhere in the world. I think the conflict would be resolved when Ian's voice reaches the government and they decide to take action. The government will need to stand up and stop the violence against poverty and lack of respect towards people with poverty. I think the conflict will be resolved with the use of government. The government should increase the taxes for the rich people and decrease the taxes for the poor people. The rich people will then start to understand poverty is a very bad issue and will treat them with respect. The society will start giving them respect thinking about what the nest step the government might take in the fight against poverty.
Secondly, the second type of conflict going on in the book, Shattered, is Human vs. Self. The individual involved in this conflict was Jack, he was fighting with himself over what had happened with him during his peacekeeping mission. Jack states," One day you're there, trying to help, thinking that you can help, that you can be part of making a difference for these people, and then the're nothing more than a witness to acts of unspeakable evil"( Walters, 116). In this quote Jack is expressing how he feels about not being able to help the people in trouble. This conflict relates to social justice because of the genocide that occurred in Rwanda. There was oppression, discrimination, and injustice going in the Rwandan genocide. Jack was in Rwanda at the time of the genocide but was not able to help the innocent Tutsi's. If there was no social justice issue in Rwanda Jack would have been living a very peaceful life with his family. I...

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