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From the billboards on the streets to the flyers in the doors of public restrooms, advertisings occupy our life. Indeed, we all feel annoying when the commercials suddenly interrupt our enjoyable time of watching TV; however how do you make the decision to buy a Toyota or a Honda without watching the commercials of neither of these? Thus, advertising provides us the options of consumption. My other question would be: Can you actually distinguish the difference between a Starbucks coffee and a coffee from an unknown cafe each time when you are lining in the Starbucks? I believe the only clue for us would be the coffee of Starbucks has a green, long-haired female Greek mythological figure in the cup, and the coffee from the unknown cafe has nothing. Therefore, we are influenced by advertisings and the promotions of brands. In the class, we have been introduced the concepts of how the advertising influences the consumers‘ choices and how the brand image plays an important role in consumer behavior. We could notice that the crucial part which could determine the success of one product was whether the consumers had the ability to recognize the brand image. Thus, in the competitive market, advertising could stimulate the promotion of brands and make the product to be standout for the consumer. In my research project, I would like to trace the topic about the effects of advertising and branding on the consumption.
The main reading I would use in this research project is “How Advertising Influences Consumption Impulses”, written by Moore and Lee. This journal demonstrated four key factors: imagery visualization, anticipated emotions, taste anticipation, and hedonic rationalization, all of which play important roles in determining how hedonic advertising appeals influence consumption impulses. In order to examine the main question, this journal demonstrated the literature review of the definition of the four factors and two empirical studies. The implications for advertising researchers and ideas for future research were also discussed at the end. According to Moore and Lee, imagery visualization was the foundation to achieve the hedonic advertising appeals and directly triggered the occurrence of anticipated emotions, taste anticipation and hedonic rationalizations. Imagery visualization may also could not only evoke the consumers to fantasize about future scenarios but also recalled the feelings or memories of past experiences. Anticipated emotions represented the emotions which the consumer would experience after the mentally visualized the occurrence of the event. Once activated, these anticipated emotions would directly lead the activity of purchase. Taste anticipation represented the specific anticipated consumption experience which included multisensory sources such as the smell of a highly desired food. In the Study 1, Moore and Lee demonstrated that when advertising appeals vividly express the pleasures of consumption instead of the...

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